Thursday, October 4, 2012


I've been a bit busy but here's a little update on what's going on.  First, please understand that this site is here to document not just what is going on within the "full preterist" movement but everything surrounding it, especially the fraudulent "anti-prets" who are actually causing more shame on Christ and the Church than any "full preterist" could.

Sam Frost just registered on CARM Christian Forums, so if you and others want a place to engage him publicly.  Also, he is there telling people he is personally "working on" making a more consistent preterism.

QUOTE: "Can there be a more consistent Preterism? Certainly. I am working on it!" -- Frost;

See, as I've been saying, Sam hasn't left FPism, he is just looking for a way to control it, even if it means throwing the rest of you under the bus as the real "hyper prets".  Sam has done this all along; first with his effort to be the guy to "systematize" FPism and then with his effort to create a thing he called "fuller full preterism", and then with joining with Talbot's "Realized Preterism".  He just wants to be the guy in charge.  He wants his damned statue! (Sam has several time opined, in all seriousness how future generations might build a statue in his honor -- he wasn't joking)

Next, Talbotite Sharon Nichols is on FB telling people that Talbot told her that David Chilton repented of FPism on his death bed.  Of course there is no public evidence of this but only Talbot's personal word on it.  The PUBLIC EVIDENCE is that though Chilton died March 7, 1997; there is documented email exchanges between Chilton, Ed Stevens and Don Preston all the way to at least March 4th showing Chilton was CLEARLY still holding to FPism.  See here:
It is astounding how unfailing these Talbotite followers are in their devotion to their cult leaders.

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