Friday, September 21, 2012

AD70.Net In Ashes

Back in July 2010 I wrote an article about (Preterist Radio) failing -- source. At the time, founder, Michael Loomis ridiculed my assessment, all the while begging for money to keep himself afloat. continued to flounder since the writing of that article and Loomis continued to beg for support. (ref).  In case someone thinks I'm just making this sound worse than it is, read what Loomis himself says:

"I would like to think that Preterist Radio will be around for quite some time. However, reality is staring me in the face.  I’m broke. When Susan [Loomis' wife] left 6 months ago her income went with her and so the time has come where I must say that I no longer have the ability to sustain Preterist Radio.
I have invested the last 3 years of my life into Preterist Radio along with approximately $30,000 of my own money to keep it up and running. And I’m more than happy to continue on serving the preterist community but I can’t on my own.
I’m all tapped out." -- source
So, as you can see as I wrote in 2010, indeed was/is failing.  However, I must commend Loomis for something.  As he has nothing to lose, he has become brave and restarted his podcasts with "Rivers-Of-Eden" (ROE) -- perhaps the most consistent preterist I've met.  ROE is an unassuming fellow who isn't trying to promote a website or write books or get donations.  He has repeatedly asked to debate Don Preston, yet Preston will not engage him.

Now, partly because Loomis restored to podcasts with ROE, is losing even more support.  Loomis even says so:

"At this point in time I am doubting and questioning just about everything. I no longer believe that we are doing ourselves any favors by excluding anyone’s unique preterist views from our conversations. Since I made that announcement a number of people that don’t agree with me have withdrawn their financial support, making the future of Preterist Radio even more dim." --  source
Further, a rash of alternate Preterist Internet "radio" stations have begun popping up. It appears that some of the former programs have moved to these other "stations".

So, while I might applaud Loomis for FINALLY getting real, no more FAKE "Antithesis Hours" with FAKE "elders", this doesn't change the reality that as I said in 2010, was/is failing.  But who knows, maybe it will rebound with its now more honest, less money driven programming.  However, since there are not too many brave people in the world...not even among the so called "pioneers" within Preterism, it is more likely that's support will continue to dwindle until Loomis must close shop.

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