Thursday, September 13, 2012

If something happens to me...

I just wanted to let everyone know that if something happens to me or my family, they should first suspect Jason L. Bradfield, the P.R. manager for Sam Frost of RCM (Reign of Christ website).  Bradfield has truly been stalking me, even coming onto the Christian Forum, CARM where he was promptly banned by the moderators after he not only blatantly broke multiple rules, but even said he "wished they'd ban him".

Shortly after this, Bradfield started emailing me, even from a fake account called with my name as the sender, as if he is Roderick Edwards.  Bradfield obviously has a history of unethical behavior, whether it is blatantly breaking/disrespecting the rules of a community or making it look like someone said something they clearly didn't or using other people's names as a sender in an email.

In these hostile and hate filled emails Bradfield sent, he called me a "little bitch" several times among other names.  He then called my home, while I was at work.  Fortunately I have him recorded and will record him if he ever calls again.  My wife listened to the message and was frightened and called me at work.  This is not the first time Bradfield's group has called my house frightening my family.  Indeed, another hyperpreterist had at one time threatened to harm my family if I didn't shut up.  I reported that individual to the FBI.

Now, Bradfield is threatening me.  I don't know what his threat entails but he said: "You ain't getting away that easy. It has just begun. Now keeping talking you little bitch."  He said this after I asked him to:

  • stop emailing me
  • stop sending me Google+ invites
  • stop coming onto forums where I am
  • stop threatening me
  • stop calling my house
  • stop assuming you know what goes on at my house
Bradfield is upset partly because he says, is "dedicated to talking about him" and his cronies.  Actually, NO it is dedicated to UNDOING over 15 years of promotion of hyperpreterism.  The FACT is that people like Sam Frost, Gary DeMar, Kenneth Talbot, Dee Dee Warren and yes even Bradfield have been heavily involved in purposely or unwittingly promoting various forms of hyperpreterism.

Of course I'm going to talk about the main people involved in the promotion of hyperpreterism if I'm opposing hyperpreterism.  But Bradfield's violent and hostile actions remind of the behavior of the Libyan/Egyptian protests over what??? Something someone says?  That ended (so far) in the killing of people.  So Bradfield is telling people he can't handle people challenging him and his cronies so he is going to become hostile, use profanities (as a supposed Christian) and threaten me?

I just want people to know what kind of people we're dealing with here.  And unfortunately people like Dee Dee Warren CONTINUE to promote these people.  Whitefield Theological Seminary president, Kenneth Talbot CONTINUES to promote these people, even using them to promote his "ministries"; and according to Bradfield, even plans on hiring Bradfield.  So, you can see why I have no desire to interact with these hostile and violent religionists.

UPDATE:  Bradfield somehow found out where I work and called my boss trying to get me fired.  Really???  How is that associated with anything "theological"?  These men and their supporters are outright THUGS!

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