Thursday, July 26, 2012

Talbotites Caught Red-Handed

Sam Frost and Jason Bradfield are accused of viewing the recent Don Preston/Joel McDurmon debate online without paying the $80.00 fee.  The account is that Preston offered that people who could not attend in person could pay and obtain a password to view live-streaming of the debate. Per the offer, Preston specifically stated:
"By purchasing the live-stream webcast of the PPW Event, I agree not to give out my unique user password which will be used to access the live-feed. This means that you will only use the password to display the live-feed web broadcast for those people or groups who are physically present and watching with you. This policy will be based on a personal accountability metric. In other words, God knows!" -- source
Apparently, Frost and Bradfield somehow logged in without payment and were eventually kicked out of the "room" by the administrator; Joseph Vincent.  This is further confirmed by Frost himself who says in a post-debate podcast with McDurmon:

"Jason and I, you know we were in the, we were watching it online and then uh. I think it was live-stream and then they have a chat room and it was Joseph Vincent that was running the whole thing. Which he was there at the conference, running the whole...[McDurmon interjects]: Yeah I was wantin' wantin' you guys to tell this...this story. [Frost continues]: Well, we were just, you know, we got, both of us. Well, I did, I don't know if Jason, but we got banned. I got banned." -- mp3 clip (complete source @ 36:46-37:05)

So, Frost fully admits something caused him to get banned from viewing the live-stream of the debate.  However he says in the podcast that he listened to at least 90% of the debate online.

"We got a chance to see most of the debate... online. But I think we, Jason, I don't know how much he, we saw a good deal. I saw about, probably ninety percent of it." -- mp3 clip
Further, Jason posted a portion of the video of the debate on his website before it was removed. (source)

Preston supposedly addressed this issue with Bradfield on Facebook.

"Jason, you stated that you watched the debate. Yet, you did not pay for it. Please tell me how you watched the debate without paying for it. I want to know, and you owe it to me, the full and only owner of the debate Live Stream rights, to know how you watched it without paying for it. My website specifically called on potential viewers not to share the password and access, but, somehow you had that information. So, how did that happen? Please answer." -- source
It is unknown to me whether Bradfield has answered Preston. (UPDATE: Bradfield's answer however, none of this changes the FACT that they knew there was a cost and by viewing it without paying, even assuming the policy changed; is like a person who gets too much change back and assumes the product was cheaper than listed.  These men are FRAUDS.)  The demonstrated evidence, something Frost and his fellow Talbotites ignore -- especially if in an effort to "protect" Talbot -- shows that Frost and perhaps Bradfield knew they were; how did Preston put it in his initial offering of the live-stream? Breaking "personal accountability".  That's the point about Talbot and his followers -- they HAVE NO ACCOUNTABILITY, personal or otherwise.  After all, Talbot created his own denomination, own church, and own seminary.  Even the "board" he lists on his seminary website appear to be non-existent since when I contacted one of the listed "board members" to discuss Talbot's behavior, that "board member" told me has nothing to do with Talbot's seminary anymore.

This is just another example of what a fraud Frost has been; with or without being the spokesman for Full Preterism or now supposedly the spokesman for "anti-Full Preterism",  Rather than a self-serving book called, "Why I left Full Preterism" perhaps Frost should write a book on why he has been a bogus fraud, narcissistic egotist and still is, who thinks he can do whatever he damned pleases.

An interesting comment by a Full Preterist named Robin (aka MoGrace2U):

"I wonder how long it will take AV (American Vision -- Gary DeMar's and McDurmon's "ministry") to discover they have let a Trojan Horse into their midst by promoting this book?" -- source
Indeed, obviously Dee Dee Warren let the trojan horse called Talbot come right in and steal away her years of work and now here is Talbot's star pupil doing it to AV.

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Roderick_E said...

I took this evidence to McDurmon himself who refused to even look at it even though the admission by Frost was during the podcast with McDurmon. McDurmon then summarily blocked me from his Facebook page. McDurmon can be added to the fraud list.