Saturday, August 11, 2012

Really, Sam Frost?

As readers know, pretended ex-hyperpreterist Sam Frost has been a subject here due to his constant contradictions and his fomenting hyperpreterism. Further, as people may know, Frost has spent many years attacking and bashing me; first, while we were both within the movement and even more when I left 3-4 years before him. Frost would belittle my arguments against hyperpreterism but since he left the movement he almost uses my arguments verbatim all the while STILL attacking me.

But Frost said something on Aug 10, 2012 that really needs to be pointed out.

"I still keep my finger on the pulse in the Full Preterist world. Kind of like a “watcher”. And, I still interact with them on a large level. I guess I just have to accept it...I am an eschatology guy and I guess that title will stick. I wanted to get away from it, but I am finding that to be impossible. I should just assume, in terms of the His providence, this is just where he has me. So be it. Thy will be done." -- source

Really, Frost? After yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs of you belittling me for being a "watcher" of you and your buddies as you all tried to kick-start the movement, here you are trying to present yourself as the go-to-guy on hyperpreterism? Now, don't confuse my disdain for jealously or anything so petty.

I've already pretty much removed myself from the fight after having to deal with Frost's enormously egotistical mentor, Kenneth Talbot. But for Frost to try to present himself this way without doing more to UNDO all the damage he has done is just hypocritical.

In the same article, Frost says some more outrageously, demonstratively hypocritical things:

"I appreciate the honesty and candidness...Yes, there will be those who want to bury their head in the sand, and continue to insist that they are practicing and reforming Christianity; Historic Christianity."

Again, Really? Frost has NEVER appreciated honesty and candidness, not when he was being opposed while he was a hyperpreterist, and not now as he plays his part as pretended ex-hyperpreterist. Ironically, it has been Frost himself that has constantly buried his head in his self-deluded sand.  Further, he is now using the very phrase; "Historic Christianity" that he has in the past, attacked me over.  This man has no conscience and no shame.  Really?

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