Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Shameful Sam Frost Again

Sam Frost, a perennial subject here due to his association with the Consistent Preterist movement and now his attempts to position himself as the go-to-guy for "anti-preterism" is at it again.  One thing about Frost, no matter when he was a "Full Preterist" or now in his new re-imaged "Partial-Preterism", he has a looooonng reputation of being a panderer.  I'm not saying this to be rude, even Sam's current friends have called him a panderer.  Dee Dee Warren even has an article titled "Sammy the Panderer is at it Again" (ref), granted while Sam was still a Full Preterist, but did he magically change simply because he changed sides?

But recently, Frost has made some comments that imply he had been "coddling" Full Preterists and that he is no longer going to do so (ref) when in reality, it has ALWAYS been Frost who has been "coddled" by others.  For example, while Frost was still a Full Preterist, people were calling for him to address the "Emergent" universalism that his buddy Virgil Vaduva was espousing.  Frost would not and instead said:

"Tim and Virgil...they have never wronged me in any way, and have gone out of their ways to help me in many, many situations. One does not just come back and bite the generous hand and cut them off." -- source
As we see, these people were coddling Frost; going "out of their ways to help" him -- i.e. these are the folks that put Frost on the Full Preterist map by giving him spots for speaking at their conferences. Frost was being "coddled" by these folks and he didn't want to speak up against them.

Next, when several groups of Full Preterists were trying to formulate a response to the book, "When Shall These Things Be?" Frost went from group to group trying to insert himself into their efforts.  At one point, he was even kicked out of one of the groups and went tooling around to join another group. He knew he just had to be part of this response, no matter what. (ref)

Lastly, Frost for 15 years was close friends with supposedly orthodox seminary president, Kenneth Talbot who for all those years said nothing publicly about Frost being a leader within the Full Preterism movement -- talk about being coddled.

So, when Frost pretends it has been he who has been coddling others all these years, it is astoundingly hypocritical.  This man just has no shame at all.  Once a panderer always a panderer, no matter which "side" he panders to be on now.

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