Tuesday, October 16, 2012

An Email to PaulT Gates

Paul, a faculty from Criswell College debunks Jason Bradfield's theory that they only took Don Preston to task because they were contacted by men like Joel McDurmon.  See the full statement on CARM here: http://forums.carm.org/vbb/showthread.php?119968-Bamboozling-Criswell-College&s=21c69f7e2726960b49525f3cc326a86e&p=3506389&viewfull=1#post3506389  but he says:

"Criswell has always encouraged familiarity with all views while defending “the right one.” In this case, we invited not only three distinct premillennialists (a classical dispensationalist, a progressive dispensationalist, and a historic premillennialist), but also a postmillennialist, an amillennialist, and a preterist. Two things ought to be considered in light of that article.
 First, Criswell College is openly opposed to preterism (not the tense, but the eschatological movement among theologians) of any kind. We are a confessionally premillennial college and graduate school. If preterism wants a safe haven, it will have to look elsewhere." 

Note that they are against ANY KIND OF PRETERISM.  They were never going to allow Preston to get away with anything even if they weren't contacted.  They aren't like Kenneth Talbot, who really DID coddle "hyperpreterism" for over 15 years as he never publicly addressed that his star pupil, Sam Frost was a main leader within the movement and Talbot was allowing Frost to develop student materials for his seminary, AND Talbot eventually enrolled Larry Siegle into his seminary's MINISTERS program with intent to confer on him a title of "minister".

Again Paul, continue you hating me all you want, but you are on the wrong side.

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