Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kenneth Talbot Defines Himself

Well, if you can stomach the stuck-up windbag tone and the blatant hypocrisy of Talbot; he has done 3 podcasts on of all things; the 9th Commandment.  This is like calling Sam Frost an "expert" on eschatology as Talbot has done.  Anyhow, on the 3rd podcast Talbot in a round about way calls out hyperpreterist Dave Green.  As you know, Dave claims that Talbot writes or edits material for his groupies -- which has been true in the past -- since he first-handed asked to edit some of my own material and has indeed written at least one anonymous article for Pretblog that I directly know of.  Yes, that corruption was going on as I was departing from that site.  Further, Talbot used an anonymous name ("Superpreterist") when Sharon Nichols used to run her hyperpret site.  Anyhow; in the podcast Talbot says:

"...and that's true...and you know you don't have to be on the Internet to be accused of things. You just have to be the object of someone who who angry; someone who doesn't like someone who knows you and they accuse you. I've been accused of writing every blog that's posted for individuals on certain blog sites. Now <snicker>, you know personally I don't have the time hardly to keep up with these radio shows. [Anonymous postings? ask co-host Bill Sullivan]  Well, they're not anonymous; they're done in the names of other people. And I said, well if you want to give me credit, at least say that I write everything for everybody on the Internet and I write for both sides. I mean, I'd least like to come out of it looking like I'm an incredible individual." -- source  (52 second mp3)
Now, keep in mind I have first hand experience where Talbot has edited my material and I know for fact he was writing anonymously on Sharon's site -- he even told me not to tell any one.  And this guy is doing podcasts on the 9th commandment?
But it doesn't end there.  Earlier in the podcast; Talbot says:
"One of the modern terms that is used for people that have that kind of self-centered personality is narcissism. That's a person that sees everything has to surround them.  They're the kind of person that says 'I'm the only one that can do this.'" -- source  (16 sec mp3)
Hmm, then maybe this is also the definition of a man who has to have his own denomination, his own church, his own seminary -- certainly sounds like a person who has an "I'm the only one that can do this" mindset.  It also sounds like a man who says he wants to be seen as an "incredible individual".  And if you think he was just teasing; let's add some more quotes from where he clearly WASN'T teasing.   In the written interaction I was having with Talbot before Sharon deleted it from her site and Talbot retreated back to his self-made ivory-tower where he condemns others for supposedly not adhering to the 9th commandment -- Talbot said:
"I will confront the Hyperpreterist. Do I expect them to convert. Not likely. It would take the grace of God to change their minds. I am good at what I do, both in preaching and in apologetics, and even better in debating. But I am not so good that I will change them. You are trying to engage about 100 to 400 people. I have a better strategy, I am going to engage every Reformed and Evangelical Pastor in this country as to what Hyperpreterism is and what they need to understand. That part of my plan is almost over. What I do next? Let's wait and see." -- source 
  I'd say Talbot's description of narcissism -- that a person is self-centered and that they believe "they are the only one's that can do something" fits Talbot's now deleted words to a "T" (a Talbot T).  But it doesn't end there.  Early on in my experience with Talbot, I began to understand why Sam acts so much like him -- Talbot is his mentor after all.  Let's look at some things from Sam Frost he said recently and see if you can see the narcissism Talbot describes.
"I have single handedly popped their Full Preterist bubble, and many have come out of this movement as a result." -- source 
...and this audio clip where Sam tells Mike Loomis that Sam is probably the reason why there is supposed increased traffic on FPist websites. 

And further, PaulT telling me he didn't care if everything I was saying about Talbot was true, but instead that we "had to protect Talbot's reputation".   Nope, no cultic, narcissistic self-centeredness in any of that.
No Sam; there are no "past hurts" or "hatred" with me -- I just don't get along well with demonstrative narcissists -- as Talbot correctly yet hypocritically defines.

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