Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The "Charity" of Whitefield Theological Seminary

President Kenneth Talbot of Whitefield Theological Seminary (WTS) has recently been calling Sam Frost an "expert" when it comes to eschatology.  Remember, Frost is barely a year over his 10-15 years of being an "expert" in hyperpreterism.  So, what kind of "expert" is Talbot promoting?  Does Talbot want his WTS students to consider Frost to be an eschatological "expert"?  Anyhow, after giving some background of the relationship between Talbot and Frost, I wanted to post something Frost sent to a message board on Feb 22, 2012:

"Roderick, after reading this pile of dog poop, is it any wonder why I have anything to do with you? Oh, and before you go crying like a baby girl over my use of dog poop, you might want to look up Paul's use of "dung." That's what you represent in your filthy attitude: dung. Have a nice day, now. :) Ed, ditto on what I wrote to Roderick. You two make a lovely pair. Two peas in a pod.....same filthy attitude, void of Christian charity. I do pray for you."  -- Sam Frost
Now, I want to write the board of WTS and ask them if they approve and endorse the behavior of their "expert"?? This "dog poop" comment isn't an isolated incident from Mr. Frost.  He has in the past told me to literally "F*** Off" and has called me a "nutcase" and a "turd".  Yet here he claims I have a "filthy attitude".  Really?  Please cite just once where I have ever said anything comparable Mr. Frost to the things you say constantly like this.

If I write to the WTS Board of Directors, will they ignore it?  Will Talbot once again claim there really is no BOD and that he in essence is WTS?  At which time he will do as he has been for yearsssssssssssssssss and dismiss Mr. Frost's REAL "filthy attitude"??? All of this after Talbot just recently did two podcasts over the 9th commandment.  Will Talbot stop being an enabler and FINALLY do something about the REAL "filthy attitude" of his "expert"???

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