Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Challenge to Sam Frost

Okay enough is enough Sam Frost. I CHALLENGE you to do a podcast with me where we can discuss all these points directly. Just you and I; no little snickering Jason in the background. None of your little sycophant cheerleaders. No elitist Mullah with his own denomination hypocritically making 9 part-series on the 9th commandment as he breaks it with wontoness. No mouthy pseudo-named pill-popping woman. No "pay-per-view". No book deals or disk sales. Just you and me man to man. I will document all of the lies and contradictions and falsehoods and I want EVERYONE to hear how Sam Frost responds. Will it be cool and calm or the frantic. manic Sam I am accustomed to speaking with whenever I have spoken with you on the phone.

You can't do it. This is the reason you run back to your own website and spout off junk where your P.R. man Jason can protect you. I will and do post on any forum that is open to me. I'm not a lying coward like you Sam. Let's go!

1 comment:

Roderick_E said...

this never happened because Sam is a puppet. I don't have discussions with men who can't be their own man. Sam needs his cronies to run interference for him.