Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sam Frost Thinks Hyperprets Hold the Scriptural High Ground

Hyperpreterists always like to act like they are the grand champions of Scripture and everyone else are simply "creedalists", yet they cannot explain WHAT, WHY, and HOW the Bible is the least without undermining hyperpreterism itself.  Hyperpreterism's main premise is that for whatever reason; the Church fell flat on its discernment butt -- it supposedly grossly misunderstood and misinterpreted God's basic eschatological plan and instead, Christianity for 2000 years has been offering the world a lie when it comes to eschatology.

Well, now the champion of Clarkianism, Sam Frost has endorsed and validated the notion that hyperpreterists are the keepers of "Scripture as the Supreme Judge".  Frost, in his unbridled hatred of me quips about my interaction with his 3 hyperpret co-authors.

lol….I am watching Ed, Mike and Dave slam Roderick on Pret Compost……Never argue with a FP on their foundation of Scripture as the Supreme Judge…..they’ll get ya every time (rightly so). Green smashed Wilson on this point. (source)
It is no wonder that people see the Talbotite Clarkians as compromisers with Hyperpreterists; not only has Frost's mentor, Kenneth Talbot allowed a known hyperpret help develop student materials for his seminary, and enrolled a known hyperpret into a "ministers" course at his seminary; but Talbot even point blank told us his version of eschatology is "akin" to what hyperpret David Chilton taught (see here).

Now here is this snobbish, elitist Clarkian Talbotite telling people that the hyperprets hold the Scriptural high ground.  And people actually think Frost left the movement???  You could have fooled me.

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