Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dee Dee Warren Attacks James White

Dee Dee Warren, owner of the blog PreteristBlog who has promoted hyperpreterist compromiser Kenneth Talbot is now attacking James White.  White has been consistent in opposing hyperpreterism, unlike Talbot who actually was using a hyperpret to help develop student materials for his supposed "Christian" seminary.  Further, Talbot has knowingly enrolled hyperpret leader Larry Siegle into a "minister" program in Whitefiled Theological Seminary (Talbot's seminary).  To whom will Siegle minister once he obtains his Talbot validated degree???

On the issue of Talbot knowingly enrolling a hyperpret into his seminary Warren said:

"I don’t believe orthodox institutions should knowingly allow those who deny an essential of the faith into their midst...Dr. Talbot knows I do not agree at all with orthodox schools allowing blatantly heretical students, but that is not the area of responsibility that God has given me. I am just noting my total disagreement for the public record, and will speak with Dr. Talbot in more detail if he wants to know more." -- source

Why does Warren want to critique Dr. James White but will not publicly address her mentor on such an important issue?  Why does she claim "that is not the area of responsibility that God has given" her but thinks it is perfectly fine for her to poke her hypocritical nose into White's business?  Who does this woman think she is?

But instead Warren says about White,

  • "His standards are inconsistent."
  • White engaged in "malicious gossip".
  • White uses "cheap shots" against his opponents.
  • White "automatically thinks the worst" of people.
  • White doesn't "behave" like a Christian.
  • White has behaved with "absolute recklessness".
  • White uses "arrogant diatribe" against his opponents.
  • White isn't "behaving properly".
  • White is ridiculous" in his explanation of Molinism.
  • White uses "unequal weights and measures" with his opponents.
  • White "stumbles" when dealing with certain opponents.
  • White deals with "personalities" rather than the "issues".
  • White has done "bone-headed" things toward his opponents.
  • White has "never apologized to another Christian".
  • White has "no credibility to call" for others to repent until he repents of what Warren claims he did against his opponents.
  • White is "vindicative".


So wait, Warren will not address her own MENTOR, Talbot about his willful compromise with hyperpreterism but she thinks it is perfectly fine to say all these things about Dr. James White?

Are you Christians beginning to see why I so much oppose Dee Dee Warren and Talbot and his followers approach toward the heresy of hyperpreterism??? They are demonstrative HYPOCRITES.  I regret I EVER had anything to do with Warren or Talbot.  These people are a bane on Christianity no matter what "good" things a person can point they have done.  What is worse, poison well marked or poison couched and hidden in good things?  Warren, Talbot and all of their fawning followers are doing more damage than good and should be opposed by every Christian.

Even PaulT, PreteristBlog's main writer opposes Warren's depiction of James White.


Roderick_E said...

When I share this with people, their first response is: WHO IS DEE DEE WARREN? -- exactly.

Roderick_E said...

Dee Dee Warren responds:
"I see the Old Guard has jumped in with lies.

For those who may be moved by satan’s minion, my criticisms of White are in the context of this dealing with Craig as anyone who actually listened to the show knows. I remain a supporter of white’s ministry, and when I am able to do so, hope to be a financial supporter once again.

White’s work with Muslims is of an excellence that anyone would be well served to emulate."

I'd like this hypocrite to for once in her life to face her opponents instead of lobbing jabs from a distance. I'd like to see her demonstrate any "lies" I have presented in this article since most of it is DIRECT QUOTE from her. She goes around calling me "satan's minion" yet she dares to question how Dr. James White conducts himself? Wake up PaulT. You oppose her and even Phil Naessens will attack you.