Friday, April 29, 2011

Sam Popped The Bubble?

I am glad to hear that former hyperpreterist leader Sam Frost has left the movement. And during his recent exchanges with one of his former proteges', Mike Bennett it appears Sam won't be straddling the fence anymore. He is even using terms like "historic Christian Faith" -- what I have been arguing for since the get go -- no modified "Realized Preterism" for me. But Sam STILL needs to check his ego. He recently claimed this:

"I have single handedly popped their Full Preterist bubble, and many have come out of this movement as a result." -- source

Really? So, the YEARS and YEARS of work by folks such as Ken Gentry, Dee Dee Warren, Todd Dennis, Vince Krivda, PaulT, and myself had no effect? Sam takes credit for "single-handedly" popping the Full Preterist bubble???

Granted, Sam had many followers that have left due to his leaving but I think that had less to do with his arguments (especially since his arguments -- about it being about presupposition -- is in reality MY ARGUMENT), it has more to do with cronyism. Sam's followers are simply following where he is going. Not all of them mind you, but some.

Now, I don't want to detract from what is happening. I don't really care what the impetus was for these folks leaving the heresy of hyperpreterism. I'm just glad they left. However, the hypocrisy of Sam berating my arguments for years and then turning around and acting like they were his arguments and he has single-handedly caused many to leave the movement -- that is just an insult to folks who have been combating the heresy longer than he has. Please Sam, have some humility.

Okay, as more proof that Sam needs help checking his ego, on April 27th during a podcast with a hyperpret named Mike Loomis, Sam again takes credit for supposed increased traffic on hyperpreterist websites. The hyperpret host even tries to temper Sam's ego by correcting Sam's statement that the increased traffic is "probably" due to Sam. Listen to this 20 second mp3 file:


Anonymous said...

Brother Rod, I'm not sure that Sam's intention with that comment was to nullify the work God has been doing in others but rather his comment is to rejoice in the fact that full prets are coming out of this heresy and he is blessed to be a part of that. You must admit Rod that Sam was and still is a major force in the movement as we can see from all the recanting going on in Sams circles due to his exegetical blogs and his defense of Orthodoxy.....Why can't we just sit back and enjoy the ride with Sam instead of finding little things to critique bro....Don't be offended because I defended you as well when they said things about you...I just think we should be fair and balance overall...Grace and Peace bro and keep defending the faith

Ricky Roldan

Roderick_E said...

Thanks Rick, I certainly rejoice in what is going on, but as a BROTHER, we need to prod Sam to be a little less egotistical. I've interacted with Sam for over 15 years and THAT has been his main problem before the hyperpreterism or any other flaws. I'm with you but there is no way to down play Sam's statement about "single-handely" popping the bubble. It is clearly an insult I'd like to see him correct. I believe I AM being more than fair and balanced. Thanks