Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gary DeMar's Answer Realized As Wrong

After years of seeing his mentors and peers coddle hyperpreterism as "not a heresy" (as Gary DeMar claimed), ex-hyperpreterist leader Sam Frost FINALLY and plainly states what I've been saying for some time:

"I have, now, come to the conclusion that Full Preterism cannot be called 'Christian.' And, I say that with boldness. I was blind." -- source

What does this mean? Does it mean we are saying hyperpreterists are going to hell? No, that's between them and God. However, just as someone who claims they are even a natural born citizen of the United States, producing a document claimed to be a birth certificate, just as such as person can claim to be an American they may not REALLY be an American when it comes to their "redistribute the wealth" socialism. They are therefore UnAmerican as far as historic Americanism is defined by free-market/capitalistic/self-reliance mentality. In the same way, hyperpreterism is UnChristian. It is saying something completely contrary to historic Christianity. 

Bravo to Frost, but already the hyperpreterists are trying to claim then that Sam's must only be a 4-month old Christian. I agree that he should spend more time UNDOING the 19 years of damage he has done and hopefully less time buddying up to those very mentors/peers who coddled him in his heresy all those years. Just imagine if his mentors/peers would have spent more time telling Frost he is in a heresy and less time having burrito lunches with him and calling him "brother" while he was teaching the unChristian heresy of hyperpreterism.

I guess Frost can now realize that DeMar's answer was wrong....hyperpreterism IS a heresy.  Pretty bad when DeMar had the opportunity to contend for the faith, he shrank.

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