Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sam And Jason Catch Up

As readers may know, two high profile hyperpreterists recanted that heresy in 2010-2011 -- Jason Bradfield and Sam Frost. I have eagerly, yet painfully been following their transition out of the heresy. It is painful sometimes because they are JUST NOW seeing the things I have been trying to tell them for some time now. They wouldn't listen to me because of their irrational hatred for me. But oh well, so long as they leave that heresy.

Jason especially but also Sam have been writing some interesting articles. For example, Jason wrote an article called: Paul the Deceitful? where Jason points out that when the apostle Paul in Acts 26:3 associated his teaching of the Resurrection as the same as the Pharisees teaching, that Paul either taught the same thing; which is a physical resurrection of believers or Paul was being deceitful.

Now Jason may have thought he stumbled on a great silver bullet against hyperpreterism, but Jason is a bit late. In an article I wrote for PreteristBlog in June 2008 I pointed out:

"Lastly, when Paul spoke about the resurrection of the believers he claimed to be teaching the very same resurrection as the Pharisees (Acts 23:6-8). The question then is, what kind of resurrection did the Pharisees teach? Did the Pharisees teach a mere resurrection of the spirit or did they also advocate a resurrection of the physical body? (read here)

Even from the biblical sources about the Pharisees, it is obvious that they believed in a physical resurrection, otherwise it would be nonsense for the Sadducees to pose the question of, in the resurrection whose wife a woman would be after having customarily marrying the brother(s) of her deceased first husband & then eventually dying herself. (Mat 22:23-33, Lk 20:27-36)"

As much as I am excited to see Sam and Jason come to realize these things, it is painful and discouraging that neither of these men seem to have the humility to say, "Roderick, we were wrong to have constantly acted like you didn't know what you're talking about". Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to say, "Ohhhh look at me! look at me! how smart am I?", rather I'd like to see just a bit of humility from these guys after the years and years of abuse I have had to endure from them. They may think; "Huh? abuse from us? Roderick you constantly were coming at us". Yes I was, with the kind of articles you see in June 2008 AND with articles calling on them to stop being arrogant...a side effect of hyperpreterism. Anyhow, I'm glad Sam and Jason are catching up.

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