Saturday, August 18, 2012

Beware of Jason L. Bradfield: The Liar

Jason L. Bradfield, the P.R. man and front man for Sam Frost and the man behind Whitefield Media is now a documented LIAR.  Bradfield who claims to be a Christian actually has attributed to people, words they never said. Bradfield knows full well he is lying.


After making a comment on Bradfield's website, he deleted the actual comment and altered it to make it look like I said something else, yet left my profile intact so it looked like the comment was coming from me.  Fortunately, the Diqus commenting system he is using allowed me to keep deleting the fake comment.  Eventually Bradfield simply posted the comment as if it was posted as "Guest" yet in the comments he wrote: "Roderick Edwards said:..."  Bradfield then went on to attribute comments I never said to me.  Bradfield is an out-and-out liar.  Any person interacting with Bradfield or Frost should beware that these men have a long reputation of being underhanded.  Neither Frost nor Bradfield are ever able to interact in an open forum where they are challenged.  Both men have needed to hide behind moderators of sites because if left to their own open discussion, these men expose themselves as the deplorable people they are.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dee Dee Warren and the Wiccan

So now Dee Dee Warren is inviting people to go interact with a Wiccan (she just calls him a "pagan", because she is either hiding his real beliefs or she doesn't know).

Dee Dee's latest blog entry, full of her drama as usual, but past that invite people to come to her TheologyWeb website and interact with a "pagan" -- actually, the guy is a Wiccan.  Check it out: -- Dee Dee's post -- The guy's website

Warren acts like she is the great protector of people from hyperpreterism, but here she is exposing people to a Wiccan.  These folks are bad news.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Really, Sam Frost?

As readers know, pretended ex-hyperpreterist Sam Frost has been a subject here due to his constant contradictions and his fomenting hyperpreterism. Further, as people may know, Frost has spent many years attacking and bashing me; first, while we were both within the movement and even more when I left 3-4 years before him. Frost would belittle my arguments against hyperpreterism but since he left the movement he almost uses my arguments verbatim all the while STILL attacking me.

But Frost said something on Aug 10, 2012 that really needs to be pointed out.

"I still keep my finger on the pulse in the Full Preterist world. Kind of like a “watcher”. And, I still interact with them on a large level. I guess I just have to accept it...I am an eschatology guy and I guess that title will stick. I wanted to get away from it, but I am finding that to be impossible. I should just assume, in terms of the His providence, this is just where he has me. So be it. Thy will be done." -- source

Really, Frost? After yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs of you belittling me for being a "watcher" of you and your buddies as you all tried to kick-start the movement, here you are trying to present yourself as the go-to-guy on hyperpreterism? Now, don't confuse my disdain for jealously or anything so petty.