Sunday, November 11, 2012

Preterist Debate: New Blood VS Washed Up Has Been

Yeah, well the title of this article is meant to be a little humorous. The debate is between Full Preterist Michael Miano and egotistical, panderer and pretended ex-Full Preterist Sam Frost.

Some wonder why Frost wants to debate Miano; not that Miano is chump-change but Frost always thinks so highly of himself, it's surprising that Frost wouldn't go after bigger fish. Some have speculated it is because Frost wants to test out his arguments use Frost's type of "ahem, uneducated non-scholar". Miano fully admits he doesn't have all the background Frost does; yet ironically all of Frost's "ahem" -- seminary education didn't keep him from falling into what he now considers a very bad heresy. Matter of fact, the reason I say he is only a pretended ex-Full Preterist, is because there is every indication that Frost simply wants to dictate how Full Preterism is presented and since he couldn't do that from within the movement; he has taken the opportunity to act like he wrote off the movement, simply to turn around and offer another form of Full Preterism called "Realized Preterism".

Anyhow the debate should be interesting to watch. The debate is FREE

WHEN: Jan 5th 2012, 12pm-4pm
WHERE: Fort Myers Villas Civic Association 2306 Sunrise Boulevard, Fort Myers, Florida 33907


lwconley2005 said...

stupid article to say the least. just a dumb attack on people you don't like...

Roderick_E said...

Lance Conley is a "follower" of Sam Frost so he of course thinks this article is "stupid". I have had discussions with Lance before but he refuses to look at the evidence that Sam Frost is a FRAUD and a con-man.

Further, of course I don't like Frost; as a Christian I don't like most frauds, liars, and con-men. I don't like Obama and I do "attack his policies, decisions and comments. In the same way; since Frost is a documented fraud, liar, and con-man, of course I will "attack" his policies, his decisions and comments.

Then along come followers like Lance who want to ignore all this and just keep defending these frauds. Hmmmmm

Roderick_E said...

poor little Lance Conley who continues to ignore DOCUMENTED evidence has tried to come here and make more uninformed comments. Might I suggest he go back to where his "leaders" let him lick their boots and stroke their egos.

I have never required a following to post TRUTH. I do not require "buddies" to pat me on the back and give me atta-boys as Lance's handlers need for documented LIE they utter.