Monday, July 2, 2012

AD70.Net is Done?

Back in December 2010 this site considered that the hyperpreterist Internet "radio" station, was failing. (source) The funding was sporadic and the idea that the station "owner", Mike Loomis could maintain the "station" while OBVIOUSLY neglecting his family...because of the time he was putting into it -- made the prediction that would fail.  It is a noble thing to try to follow through with a noble dream and obviously will require some sacrifice -- for that I do not begrudge Loomis, although promoting hyperpreterism isn't noble. He was certainly following a dream, one that he had told us had been inspired by a man named Phil Naessens.  We have seen that Naessens has been destructive to other individuals (source), so that Loomis' misguided dream was inspired by Naessens is no small point.

But now Loomis has announced that he has lost everything over his misguided dream.  Loomis lost his finances and his wife. (source)  He says in his announcement:

"And quite frankly guys...I'm glad I'm at the end of my rope. And I'm not going to ask you guys for anything more. You've all done great helping keep P.R. on the air this long."

All my years in opposition to men like Loomis hasn't been so I could pat myself on the back or boast in proving them wrong.  It is sad to see things come to this end.  Maybe had men like Naessens spent less time validating Loomis, the misguided dream that destroyed Loomis' life would not have been "on the air this long".  I hold men like Naessens, Ken Talbot and other such compromisers and enablers directly responsible for the destruction of people's lives.  They toy with them as much as if they were toying with a drug addict instead of actually helping them.

I'm sorry this is happening to you Mike.  I will continue to pray for you and your family, but you must consider the cause of this destruction and remove it from your life.  Stop coddling it and trying to nurture it. I know you won't see men like Naessens responsible for this destruction, but what would you think of a man who knowingly kept feeding an addict's addiction; claiming they were doing so because they are "loving".  Give me a person who tells it to me straight any day over some enabler and compromiser who is really out to make themselves look "compassionate".  Mike, you know how to contact me if you ever want to talk.



Anonymous said...


You're right that the Preterist Radio thing was a noble idea (and Loomis worked hard at it) but it also obviously became a distraction to Loomis working a real job and being responsible to his family.

I don't think Loomis also had enough insight to realize that he was being used for publicity by Don Preston, Ed Stevens, and John Noe to promote their own ministries for financial gain (which ultimately went in their pockets instead of Loomis' credit card payments).

Of course Loomis had to prostitute his own resources in order to keep the big names of FP on the air in the hope that his project would have some credibility and some of the cash would come his way.

We shouldn't fault him for following his personal dream, but I hope has learned some things about life and reality from his personal struggles.


Roderick_E said...

Yeah, Loomis was being used by those who wanted to promote their own "ministries" and the return wasn't enough to sustain him. There never has been much cash return in FPism. The glory days of the multiple FP conferences a year are over. It is by nature a dissipation movement in which people become less connected -- after all, each person is being told that 2000 years of pastoral leadership on eschatology has been flat out wrong. Why would an FPist want to become real connected to another "leader"?