Friday, January 6, 2012

Talbot Says Sam Frost Isn't A Pastor

Long time egotist, Sam Frost likes to feign being an "expert" and if you've ever had the misfortune of engaging the man in a verbal discussion; you will have been talked-over and interrupted incessantly.  However, the lingering issue with Sam Frost; who in 2010-2011 recanted his 15+ years of teaching hyperpreterism is that Frost claims to have been a self-ordained "pastor" while he was a hyperpreterist.  It continues to be an issue because he continues to claim this credential as if it was ever legitimate.  Think about it.  Suppose a Mormon who had been an Elder in Mormonism at some point recants Mormonism.  Can he rightly claim he was EVER a leader within the Christian Church?  This is what Frost is trying to do.

But during a January 2012 podcast, Frost's mentor, Kenneth Talbot -- president of a seminary -- said this:

"You cannot appoint yourself a minister. It must be recognized and the gifts must be understood, examined and then he is to have hands laid on him by the presbytery. Self-ordination is rebuffed completely. It is not seen as anything viable. And it is literally an insult to the Church of Jesus Christ. He doesn't let you play fast and loose with His Word. And the Word is very specific about those things."

Listen to the 10 second audio:

Yet on his website's Facebook page, Frost continues to claim he was a pastor.  Yet Talbot continues to maintain a ministry fellowship with Frost -- even presenting him as an "expert" despite the FACT that here Talbot says such a person as Frost "literally insults the Church of Jesus Christ" and "plays fast and loose" with God's Word.  How does Talbot reconcile this hypocrisy?  He doesn't and this is the major problem.

Talbot not only ignores his own counsel but he is actually training a known hyperpreterist, Larry Siegle to actually be a "minister" without requiring Siegle to first recant the heresy of hyperpreterism.  Does Talbot really think hyperpreterism is heresy or not? He needs to stop opposing other hyperpreterists who don't stroke his ego or go to dinner with him and accept them as legitimate if he is going to accept men like Frost and Siegle.

P.S. Before Frost tries it; he was not "recognized" by the hyperpreterist congregation over which he was self-ordained -- unless Talbot is going to consider that congregation a legitimate representation of a true Christian church???

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