Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stripping Away Hyperpreterism's False Use of the Bible

Supposed ex-hyperpreterist, Sam Frost caught on to something.  In my opposition to the Clarkian method as opposed to the Mathison-Wilson-Gentry method of combating heresy (see here), Frost said this:

"[Roderick]  is trying to strip away the very thing from them that allows [full preterists] to START. He wants some vague “God sustains” axiom."

Well, Sam partially seems to understand it.  I'm trying to get hyperpreterists to tell me 3 things:

1. WHAT IS THE BIBLE? (why 66 books and no more or less)
2. WHY IS THE BIBLE THE BIBLE? (and not just any text)
3. HOW IS THE BIBLE THE BIBLE? (where did the Bible come from)

Indeed I AM fully admitting that I am trying to STRIP AWAY the false use of the Bible by the hyperpreterists.  Frost and his fellow Clarkians approach the Bible as if it was a logician primer text rather than the SUSTAINED Word of God.  The axiom that God Sustains is not vague.  If God doesn't sustain basic truth and the basic understanding of truth then all the Clarkian propositions in the world aren't going to help anyone.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dee Dee Warren: The Paid Off Mercenary

Dee Dee Warren, also now known (by her own outing of it), her real name Caryn Dos Santos WAS the administrator of the supposedly anti-hyperpreterist website; PreteristBlog.  In about 2009, Warren drastically changed the methodology she was using to combat hyperpreterism.  Previously, she was using what might be called The Mathison-Wilson-Gentry Method (see here).  But then Warren was paid off by Clarkian, Kenneth Talbot by way of him giving her a free tuition for defending him against his critics. (see here).

Besides Dee Dee talking about how she thinks her dead pets will be in heaven with her, Warren follows the lead of her ideological heroes.  For example: Zech 7:11 - But they refused to pay attention and turned a stubborn shoulder and stopped their ears that they might not hear.

Dee Dee has an almost childish way about her where she'll claim she isn't listening to a thing you are saying, all the while she is insulting you.  For example, recently Warren claimed I was a mercenary because I won't SHUT UP and support Talbot.  But let's look up the word mercenary shall we?

1. working or acting merely for money or other reward; venal.
2. hired to serve in a foreign army, guerrilla organization, etc.
3. a professional soldier hired to serve in a foreign army.
4. any hireling.

Hmmm, well since Dee Dee is the one who accepted a REWARD for stabbing people in the back, for throwing them under the bus and for changing her methodology to the elitist Clarkian method, I say SHE better fits the role of mercenary.  I'm not working for anyone.  I didn't accept any reward.  I didn't change my methodology to fit in.  I'm certainly not a hireling.  But Dee Dee accepted a free tuition.

This is the problem with Liberals, be it in politics or theology; they go around accusing people of the things they themselves ACTUALLY do.

Whether Dee Dee sees this or not who knows but she won't ever repent of the lies she tells.  She has stopped up her ears and made her heart diamond-hard.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Failed Clarkian Rubric and Hyperpreterism

As readers may be aware, at one time I was part of a website called PreteristBlog.  PreteristBlog was the premiere site for the effort against Hyperpreterism.  The site owner, Dee Dee Warren has collected an impressive amount of material.  From its founding until about 2009, PreteristBlog used what we might call the Mathison-Wilson-Gentry method or rubric in combating hyperpreterism (see here). This method started with what Doug Wilson called the Authority argument.  That is, hyperpreterism MUST claim God did not maintain any authority over how the Church at large has represented God's plan.  That somehow, we have been in gross eschatological error for 2,000 years.  Further, Kenneth Gentry has said "We are opening our critique [of hyperpreterism] with the historic argument, that is, the argument from the historic creeds of the Church. We do this in order to establish the significance of the debate: We are defending the historic, corporate, public, universal, systematic Christian faith." (Ken Gentry WSTTB pg 2)  This is not to say we never bring the Bible into it, but BEFORE we even get to the Bible and the proof-texts that hyperpreterists use, we MUST FIRST deal with their overarching premise.  In the same way, when a person wants us to get into discussing which "green laws" we should pass, we MUST FIRST discuss the validity of the premise of "man-made global warming".

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Why Can't Roderick Edwards and Sam Frost Get Along?

First, if upon reading the title of this article, if your initial reaction was "Who cares" then please move along. Don't comment, because it would be insincere and not productive to the goal of this article.

Secondly, the goal of this article is amicable resolution between myself and Sam Frost. This article was prompted by a comment Sam made on Nov 11, 2011:

"What ever I have "done" to you, you have got to let it go, brother. Just let it go. Do you really want to hang on to that? I don't. I HATE the fact that you and I fight. Absolutely hate it. I get along with every other ex [hyperpreterist], except you. Stop. Think. Why is that? What do you want me to do? Admit I am a fraud? A liar? A drunk? A failure? A snob? Fine. I am. It's time to team up. There are far TOO MANY who have come out of this movement to be sidetracked by the highway accident that is the Roderick and Sam show...I mean, without listing greivances, we can simply say, "Sam. I forgive you." "Roderick, I forgive you." Yes is yes. No is No. And move on. I am going way, way out of my comfort zone here, Roderick. I forgive you. Do you forgive me? No need to go on lists and records of past wrongs. Just a simple manning up will do. And our past can be erased as far as the east is to the west. Just like that. Poof."

The suggestion is very magnanimous and therefore I certainly don't take it lightly. My initial reaction was that Sam and I should have a phone chat to try to resolve the issues as face-to-face as possible. But, as is my practice with major issues, I try to wait a few days to act so that I can pray about, reflect upon and search Scripture over the matter. This way my actions are hopefully wise and thoughtful, productive and enduring.