Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nothing Is Heresy to Gary DeMar

Gary DeMar has been repeatedly asked if "full preterism/hyperpreterism" is heresy.  Every time, DeMar either gives a vague, not-committal answer or actually has come out and said, "No" he doesn't think it is heresy (as he did when hyperpret leader Sam Frost asked DeMar on the Narrow Mind radio show here: --transcript: "personally I do not consider it heretical because, you know like some say this is the Hymenaen heresy, and of course you don't deny the Resurrection" -- as if that is the only thing that causes it to be heretical).

DeMar was again recently asked via email (by an atheist) if he thinks full/hyperpreterism is heresy and here is how DeMar replied:

"Full preterists ask some important questions. I don’t always agree with their answers. I don’t like the heresy label. Especially on a topic where there is so much debate."

So exactly WHAT IS HERESY to DeMar??  The reason DeMar doesn't like the "heresy label" is because if he ever actually revealed what he thought was heretical, it would be shown that whatever it was, would be less heretical than hyperpreterism and therefore revealing DeMar is in too cozy with hyperpreterists.

Even the full/hyperprets should be upset with DeMar since he is too cowardly to come right out and just embrace full/hyperprets as Christian brothers and defend them from the likes of Keith Matthison, Ken Gentry, Doug Wilson and others.  DeMar is like a false friend to the full/hyperprets; one who is too afraid to help them outright and instead likes to safely remain in the shadows.  He should post very publicly that he supports full/hyperprets and thinks they ought not be called heretics.

DeMar may write good stuff about American politics and against dispensationalism, but he is woefully lacking in regards to hyperpreterism.  I think C.H. Spurgeon said it best when he said:

"Complicity with error will take from the best of men the power to enter any successful protest against it." (or maybe this issue is DeMar doesn't want to protest against full/hyperpret since he clearly doesn't think it is error) 

For more on this topic of DeMar's compromise with heresy, read what Dee Dee Warren has compiled here:

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