Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sam Frost STILL doesn't know what he is talking about

Sam Frost, a supposed ex-hyperpret who has yet to actually put into action his comment that "Full preterism is incompatible with Christianity", since he continues to act like hyperpreterists are his "brothers in Christ"; recently said:

"This is why Roderick’s argument would never work. To deal with any error, you have to deal with exegesis. You have to first expose the presuppositions as false." -- source

Huh??? Sam "Roderick's argument" all along has been that we have to first expose the presuppositions as false.

This was the big debate between me and your mentor, Dr. Kenneth Talbot. If you knew what you're talking about, you'd know this.

Here's the evidence. In an interaction with Talbot, now deleted by Talbot's supporters from its original source, not surprisingly so, I SPECIFICALLY point out that FACT that we have to first expose the presuppositions as false.

"Thank you Dr. Talbot for asking the questions. Yes, you are correct -- ALL STATEMENTS ARE PROPOSITIONAL -- that is exactly the point and why I like to deal first and foremost with the proposition of an argument BEFORE I get into the so-called "evidence/exegesis". The overarching proposition of historic Christianity is that God is sovereign, in complete control. God has planned and decreed things, not just let them haphazardly unfold for anyone to take up." - source

The sad but humorous part is that then Talbot after attempting to berate me, restates MY ARGUMENT as if it was his (much like Sam is doing now).

"Roderick, when the hyperpreterists state that they "start with the Bible" as Dr. Clark use to say, "that is commendable." However, that means nothing! They come with presuppositional dogma that forces them to skew exegetical studies, twist the Scriptures with "bad" hermeneutics, and then with a boldness that boast on the side of arrogance, they assert that they alone have the "key" to the "truth which unlocks the knowledge of God about the whole Bible which has been misinterpreted and everything needs to be tweaked to get it right."

Um....? Yeah, exactly my point. Hyperpreterism is about their presuppositional dogma which drives EVERYTHING else they believe. We must therefore deal with that presuppositional situation.

I just get so sick of all the falsehoods spewed not only by the hyperprets but by the Talbotites....and then they are too cowardly to interact directly and be challenged BY SOURCE LINKED FACTS. Instead they ban and bluff and bloat about.

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