Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ex-Hyperpret Leader Says Hyperpreterism Isn't Christian

After years of hyperpreterists and some "anti-preterists" condemning me for pointing out that hyperpreterism is something OTHER-THAN-CHRISTIAN, on Dec 25, 2010 Ex-Hyperpret leader, Sam Frost says the same thing:

"Full Preterism and Christianity are incompatible." --source

This is huge. For a long time, even the anti-preterists would tell me, "Aw Roderick, you shouldn't go around saying hyperpreterists aren't Christians. That's offensive."

Whether it is "offensive" or not, more and more people are seeing as this ex-Hyperpret leader pointed out, Full/Hyperpreterism and Christianity are incompatible. This means a person can't really claim to be a Christian AND a Full Preterist, anymore than a person can claim to be a Christian AND a Mormon. That is just how it is.

Before any of you hyperpreterist chime in here, please keep in focus that this is Sam Frost saying this. Deal with what he is saying if you won't deal with what I've been saying; but don't come changing the topic or trying to get in a personal attack.

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