Friday, January 1, 2010

Hyperpreterist Train: Ego Express

Hyperpreterist leader/teacher Don Preston has been teaching his followers yet a new little phrase — no, not his signature “catch the power of this” phrase but the new phrase is designed to help hyperpreterists ignore the fact they are heretics.  The phrase is as follows:
“Don’t slow the train down to throw rocks at barking dogs”.
What Preston means by this is that the critics of hyperpreterism should be ignored & the “train” should just keep chugging along.  The problem is, this little phrase compares 2000 years worth of Christian witness as “dogs”. 

Wow!  now we see what Preston thinks of historic Christianity.  But what if instead of “dogs”, the critics of hyperpreterism are what they really are — concerned Christians urgently trying to warn the passengers of the hyperpreterist train that the bridge is out ahead.  The “conductors/leaders” of hyperpreterism are doing all they can to tell the passengers to pay no attention to the historic Church (what these “leaders” are calling “dogs”).
One hyperpreterist guy expressed the hyperpreterist ego in this manner:
Just think: someday a young believer will walk into a Christian bookstore and go to the prophecy section: instead of seeing 60 pre-mill dispy titles, 2 amill titles, and 1 book by either Demar or Hanegraaff, they’ll see books by Preston, Frost, Kloske, Martin, Birks, Noe, Simmons, and King. There will be CD series by Birks and Curtis. There will be debates by Preston. Who knows, there may even be books by Gary DeMar and Kenneth Gentry talking about why, near the end of their lives and ministries, they abandoned their partial preterist postmillenialism and embraced covenant eschatology. Maybe even one or two 1- volume commentaries on the whole Bible, from a preterist view. How about a Preterist study Bible? (a hyperpreterist fantasizing again)
Um…yeah, the only part I might believe is that Gary DeMar, at the rate he is going will in the future adopt hyperpreterism openly.
Hyperpreterism is gathering speed alright, but it is a downhill slide to ruin.  Get off the train before it is too late.

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