Friday, January 1, 2010

Are Hyperpreterists Going to Hell?

Today I had a brief exchange with a young man (age 23) who claims to have grown up in a hyperpreterist home & yet did not consider himself a Christian until about June 2008.  But the point isn’t when he did or didn’t claim to be a Christian, the point is that if he is a hyperpreterist then technically he STILL isn’t a Christian.  When I told him this he took it to mean I think he is destined for hell, though I never said such a thing.  It is not my place to determine that.

How then is it possible for a person to not be a Christian & yet not be going to hell?  Well, hyperpreterism ISN’T historically Christian — hyperpreterism is something completely foreign to historic Christianity.  A person can have proclaimed Christ, repented of their sinful nature, truly be regenerated & yet for a time embracing something that is NOT Christian.  For example, this young fellow claims to be “Calvinistic”.  You may have heard of the so-called “five points of Calvinism” (T.U.L.I.P.).  The “P” stands for “perseverance of the saints” or akin to what some people may know as “eternal security/once saved always saved”.  Therefore, it is possible for someone to have professed Christ, fall away & embrace error to the point of not really even identifying with Christianity & YET still not be bound for hell.
So, perhaps the next question then would be, “If you don’t think they are automatically going to hell, then why make such a big fuss over people believing hyperpreterism or any error?”
The Bible doesn’t tell us to oppose error just because someone is going to hell, but error & evil should be called what it is no matter what. (Isaiah 5:20).  The hyperpreterist rationale is like saying it is ok to steal so long as the punishment doesn’t involve going to prison.
Unfortunately this young man ran back to his hyperpreterist buddies & made it sound like I was contradicting myself & Sam Frost was right there to help feed this young man more delusion. Sam Frost should know better since he claims to be Reformed but he throws all that out the window to further the hyperpreterist agenda.
Folks, this is the reason hyperpreterism is so dangerous.  It hooks young folks like this guy & then so-called teachers like Sam Frost just compound the error by feeding them false & distorted theology.

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