Friday, January 1, 2010

How to Behave Like a Cultist

Even while I was a hyperpreterist, I was shocked by the behavior of many of the high-profile hyperpreterists (the so-called leaders).  One hyperpreterist guy was known for creating anonymous websites trying to reveal his opponents personal information — so much so that he’d post a google map to the person’s house.
Another instance is where a hyperpreterist guy was caught RED-HANDED running what is called “vampire scripts” against his opponents website.  A vampire script is a little program designed to repeatedly ping the site every second in an attempt to overload & crash it.
Yet another instance is where a hyperpreterist guy would high-jack passwords (via his IT/computer background) & then pose as a legitimate user on a forum & trash his opponents, making them think it was not him.

A couple of personal instances is where a hyperpreterist leader repeatedly called my house so drunk & slurring his words that he scared my daughter which caused me to come home from work to calm her down.  To this day, that hyperpreterist leader will not admit to this & claims instead that I am lying.  The next personal instance is where I received an email from a hyperpreterist leader (again trying to pose as someone else) threatening to harm my wife & daughter unless I shut up.
But there is even MORE cultic behavioral examples.  The most recent one is where someone is sending emails to anyone they can & trying to post it where ever they can the accusation that in 1990 I was arrested on drug charges & sent to prison.
The accusation is framed as if the person personally knows me & is exposing that I was in prison for drug trafficking.  The message being sent around is as follows:
“This is the Roderick Edwards i know and remember.
On June 24, 1990, Roderick Edwards and Lillian Jones, an alleged co-conspirator of Edwards, were arrested by agents of the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms as a result of an undercover investigation of narcotics traffickers operating in housing projects in Manhattan.On October 17, 1990, Edwards pleaded guilty.
First, I’ve NEVER lived in NY, I’ve NEVER been in prison, I have NEVER had an electronic monitoring device attached, I have NEVER lived in an apartment with an uncle, I’ve NEVER trafficked drugs.  I do not know even one person named Lillian or Lily.
Perhaps had this person who thinks I am the same Roderick Edwards of this arrest case would have done a little research, he/she would realize there is more than one person in the world named Roderick Edwards (see links:
Other People Named Roderick Edwards:
#1: Guy in Canada:
#2: A current H.S. basketball player:,local,player
#3: Guy in Jamaica:
#4:  A financial services guy: (probably a black guy since it says he is/was a member of the NAACP — umm..I’m not black)
#5: Guy from Louisiana:
#6: Guy in New Hampshire:
#7: Guy from CT/NJ: (notice also all the OTHER Roderick Edwards listed)
#8: Another Basketball player: apparently from NC & black
#9: Guy in Medical field:
#10: Orthodontist in London:,_LONDON/DENTIST/RODERICK_EDWARDS_-ORTHODONTIST/XD182DCA372484D71B496669257D86C2E
#11: Another Roderick Edwards Arrested: (notice he was 21yrs old in 2005 — I am 40 years old in 2008)
#12: Guy in Florida: (note it looks like this guy avoided jail time)
#13: Capt Roderick Edwards, Capt of the Ivanhoe — died in 1892 — (I kind of like this Roderick Edwards)
Anyhow, you get my point.  Whoever this is trying to discredit me just goes to prove hyperpreterism & its advocates will stop at nothing to advance their heresy.  If I was that Roderick Edwards arrested in NY, I would be using that now as a testimony…since I would have obviously had a radical nature change — but alas, I’m not as exciting as the fellow this libelous person wants to make me out to be. ;-)  These are the tactics of hyperpreterism.  Oh what a “loving” bunch they are.
They know they can’t get around the FACT that to believe hyperpreterism a person MUST believe there has been a 2000 year conspiracy where Christians have been too dumb to see what hyperpreterists now claim.  So instead, they must do all they can to stop anyone leaving the cult…especially as more & more are leaving AND are telling the truth about the hyperpreterist movement. (See example of another EX-hyperpreterist’s account of the movement:

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