Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What is Actual Preterism?

So you have heard of Partial-Preterism, Full-Preterism, Hyper-Preterism, Realized Preterism, Preterist-Universalism just to name a few but what is Actual Preterism?  This is a label being used to describe the kind of preterism that takes the "all was fulfilled in AD70", the "audience relevancy", and the "time texts" premises to their logical conclusions.  Maybe God was wrapping up His dealings with His people.


1) God's plans/promises were to His people only.
2) God's people are Abrahamic people (Israel/Judah/Jews)
3) Gentiles are wayward Abrahamic people (not "non-Jews")
4) God's plans/promises for His people culminated in AD70.

Listen to this 68 minute podcast done back in 2013 with an advocate of the view.

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David Timm is a fellow who maintains a Facebook group called "Actual Preterism". He rightly called me out for this article appearing to give the interviewee too much credit; especially since the interviewee never uses this term.  I believe Timm may have coined the term.  I hope to interview him as well.  Stay Tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the audio sir Roderick, I thinks hyper preterism is a very absurd non Christian belief because of that.

Anyway, what's your comment or take about Dr.Kenneth Gentry, of all the Preterist he seems to be the most intelligent and level headed but do you agree with his views?

Reading "The Beast of Revelation" and "Before Jerusalem Fell" seems good but inside my Spirit I can't still seem to agree on most part especially the almost All of Revelations except the last Chapter is fulfilled in 70AD because it's written to happen "soon" and "at hand" in 65AD while the Beast is actually Nero based on Hebrew Gematria 616. Have you encountered him personally?

What's your take on his Postmillenial view, That Christians is to have dominion over the world including politics and conquer it for Christ, and only then after that Milenium Christ will return. Therefore all things should be Well before Christ physically returns and according to him it could take more than a thousand years in the future. Probably around year 3000+AD. Do you Agree with them? Thanks and God Bless.