Friday, May 30, 2014

Pretersite/PreteristBlog No More

As reported earlier, the former "anti-preterist" site ceased operation. I say "former anti-preterist" site because after the owner teamed up with Sam Frost and Ken Talbot; the site was no longer really "anti-preterist" as Talbot was really promoting a form a Full Preterism-lite he was calling "Realized Preterism". Well, it appears to be official now.  In a posting by the owner; "Dee Dee Warren", we read:

"Hello everyone, I have owned this forum for over ten years, and it has been wonderful. But I believe that God is calling me to other things, including spending time with my family and more time in one on one relationships and interaction. So, I am turning over the reigns to some members of staff to carry forward. I am making a radical life change and do not see myself spending much time online in the future. I have also discontinued my other sites, it just isn't where I need to be now. I am grateful for the time and friends I gave found here, and please feel free to friend me on FB as that is the only limited online things I will be doing. I will be here to make sure the transition to new owners will be as smooth as possible. Boom also has made the same decision as did cirisme several years ago. I am very at peace with this and am excited to see where God leads. The site philosophy of free and open discussion for all viewpoints, popular and unpopular will stay the same. Once the new ownership is finalized they will make an announcement.
I pray for tolerance and the open expression of ideas amongst all people. 
(This is closed to comments as I am moving and am starting my dedication to offline life now and my willpower does not match my intent)
Much love and friendship to all"

It is of slight interest who the new owners will be.  Who knows more about the inner workings of full preterism AND is not a full preterist compromiser?

While I'm happy for Dee Dee Warren that she is moving on since Talbot utterly destroyed her, publicly and personally; there are some non-factual statements in her letter.

The site philosophy was NEVER a place of "free and open expression of ideas amongst all people".  It shows in how the comments were closed.


Anonymous said...

If you had copied the original link you would have done so at TWeb. It is that site she has stepped down from, as well as her other sites which include the preterist site.

Roderick_E said...

Thanks, since I'm not on TWeb, I didn't see the original link. The site in question is Pretblog and Pretsite, which as you indicate, she stepped down from also. There is no contradiction or confusion in what I stated.