Friday, January 17, 2014

FP Leaders Making Money Off You

Something that is overlooked by followers of Full Preterism is that its "leaders" are making lots of money off them. For example in his 2007-2008 tax return, Don Preston claimed a $91,956.00 income for his "Preterist Research Institute" (source). If Full Preterism is such important news, then why are men like Preston and John Noe constantly hawking books, videos, and other money-making schemes instead of doing like the apostle Paul who had a "day job" (1 Cor. 9:15-18)

But but but..isn't a "labourer worthy of his reward"? Why shouldn't an author get paid for his work? After all, it costs money to produce these books. We're forgetting that Paul mainly sustained himself through his day job as a tentmaker even though he said he had full right to be compensated. If the APOSTLE Paul didn't think he should take advantage of compensation, what makes these Full Preterist "presidents" of single-man ministries think they are "worthy of reward"?  They aren't even preaching the Gospel but rather something OTHER than Christianity.

Don't get me wrong (or purposely misrepresent me as some folks have), I'm not saying a person shouldn't be paid for writing books and producing study materials. But when a person claims to be a "Christian" and is making most of their living off their supposed "Christian" work that they claim is extremely important for everyone to know, we have to wonder what their motivation might be. Don't give me a list of theologians who have sold materials and then compare them to Preston. Preston is nothing but a used car salesman but instead of cars, he dons his plaid suits, sips his coffee and delivers his shtick to sell his customers on his clunker theology.

Sometimes when I point stuff out like this, providing as I have here the SOURCE and PROOF, people still want to try to claim that I am merely "spewing hatred" or "sowing discord among the brethren".  It is a tactic of both political and theological liberal alike to try to silence any critique of them and their ways. They attempt to silence the critique by way of shouting down and name calling. When fair-minded Americans attempt to address the issue of out of control welfare, they are called "bigots" and "racists". When Christians oppose corrupt teachers like Full Preterists who are teaching something other than what Christianity has EVER been, we are shouted down as "haters" and "sowers of discord".

Well my dear FP reader, the SOURCE and PROOF is right there for you to see.  Did you make $92,000.00 last year?  Did you make it off selling your own personalized theology? Maybe it is time to consider you are being USED.

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