Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sam Frost Admits He "has not left" Hyperpreterism

Sam Frost finally admits his eschatology is STILL being affected by his hyperpreterism AND that there are "some good insights" within hyperpreterism that he has "not left".   And consider that Frost mentor, Ken Talbot has said his eschatology is "akin to Chilton's eschatology".  Chilton who was an open "full preterist".

In an email to his former friend, Mike Bennett Frost said:

> Sam Frost to me in email 4/11/12:
> "My eschatology has been modified by my study in FP, to be sure. There are some good insights here and there that I have not left (like my millennial position)"
Unfortunately, Frost's little supporters will do nothing but ignore or cover up this statement by Frost.

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