Monday, April 16, 2012

Dee Dee Warren's Fantasy World

BEFORE she sold out to the compromiser; Kenneth Talbot, Dee Dee Warren maintained the stalwart site against hyperpreterism.  People may have thought of her as "rude" or "mean" or even..."crass" in her approach, but her integrity was never in question at that time.  But ever since she sold out to the CULT LEADER Talbot, she has lost her integrity.
Here is an example.  Dee Dee recently said:
"[Roderick] also claims that his issues with me and this site started because he kept asking Dr. Talbot certain questions. That is false. That is a cover story he created after the fact, and anyone can go back through the posts here and see that." -- 
Okay, let's actually look at the posts from those days.  First article comment by Dee Dee about the issue BEFORE she sold out to Talbot for a free tuition:
"Hey Roderick, You Who Shall Not Be Named, I think you are once again being gossiped about back at Sammy’s kennel of trained hound-dogs. He is whining about some letter to Whitefield Theological Seminary. His readers are left guessing as to who wrote it, and since it is only you and I are who are not allowed to be named, yet still seem to be two of the primary subject matters over there, and I didn’t write it, I guess you did. Good for you. I sure hope you plan on dismantling it. If not, I will. I may write to Whitefield myself." -- Oct 16, 2008 -- 
Hmmm, at that time Dee Dee thought it was "good" that I wrote to Talbot's self-made seminary and she considered writing to WTS herself.  Further, in my comments on the thread, upon Talbot releasing my email to Sam Frost I said:

"Whitefield Theological Seminary can’t be serious if it thinks it is appropriate for Sam Frost (a hyperpreteris) to respond on their behalf to my PRIVATE & DISCREET email asking for their official stance on hyperpreterism. It is like asking the fox to tell you why he thinks its ok for him to guard the hen-house."
Sure sounds like I KEPT ASKING Talbot "certain questions" and Dee Dee even asks her own AFTER I approached WTS/Talbot.  The irony is that Dee Dee called Sam a "panderer".  Suddenly that he is supposedly "orthodox" he is no longer a panderer???
NEXT, I KEPT ASKING Talbot/WTS "certain questions" --
Not getting an official reply from Talbot/WTS, I write to WTS' listed "regent"; Philip Kayser. Dr. Kayser at least had written a paper against hyperpreterism so I thought he could help me with WTS' policy since Talbot was unwilling.  See related article -- Dec 14, 2008
Dee Dee comments on that article and finds something "strange" about the WTS website:
"I was on WTS’ site, and I didn’t find a statement of faith. I found that strange... I am also going to inquire if it is disclosed to the students that Frost is a hyperpreterist. If I were taking courses through Whitfield, I would be very upset if I found out that I was under the teaching of a hyperpreterist."
Again this is BEFORE she had actually talked to Talbot and sold out to him for a free tuition, losing her objectivity and integrity as history will show.
Dee Dee finally gets a response from Talbot/WTS even though MY questions still went unanswered.
"A brief summary is in order first. Hyperpreterist Samuel Frost until very recently taught a course at Whitefield Theological Seminary, and in our opinion, consistently used that fact as tool to try to validate his heresy. Some correspondences were written to WTS expressly concern and opposition to having an unorthodox teacher at an orthodox school even if his subject matter was Hebrew and not eschatology. Since that time, I have been in some very kind exchanges with Dr. Talbot..." -- Jan 22, 2009 
First, note that Dee Dee INCLUDES herself in this on-going "certain questions" I had, saying it was "our opinion".  Actually, no it was really MY "certain questions" to which Talbot continued to ignore.  Also not that there obviously was ALREADY some typical emotionalism and loss of objectivity over FACTS involved since it doesn't really matter if the exchanges between Dee Dee and Talbot were "very kind" or not -- that is irrelevant to the FACTS.  You can ALREADY see the con-game/sell out/loss of objectivity starting here between Dee Dee and Talbot.
HOWEVER, I continued to have "certain questions" since even Talbot's "official statement" didn't answer the original question.  Rather Talbot behaved much like we see from Sam Frost himself -- answering questions no one ever asked.
On Jan 23, 2009, under the article Dee Dee posted for him, Talbot writes:
"I wanted to publically thank you for fulfilling your promises to post my statements. You have kept your word and I accept your apology for the lateness. Please know that through our private e-mails I have come to consider you a friend and I have a great appreciation for your work in defending the truth of Scripture in these matters. I know that you have desired to attend seminary for some time now. Since you alone have taken the time to find out some things about myself and the 34 years of ministry and 29 years in the Seminary, I would like to make you a one time offer. I will offer you a ‘tuition free Presidential scholarship’ towards the Master of Arts in Christian Studies degree program."
Notice WHY Talbot says he is giving Dee Dee this FREE TUITION... because she posted his article and took the time to "find out some things about him and WTS".  Well, what in the heck was all my "certain questions" about if NOT to "find out some things about him and WTS"???  He just resented the FACT a nobody like me was daring to even ask these questions "pandering" to him???
Further, Talbot slams me for asking those "certain questions" as he says:
"You can report on WTS and what we are teaching first hand rather than having Whitefield and myself continued to be misrepresented by individuals who have never met, and do not know me or anything about the Seminary and its work and ministry."
Um, again I DID ask Talbot and WTS FIRSTHAND and instead of simply giving an answer, the ever pompous Talbot (whom I didn't know was pompous at that time) ignored the simple question and unethically released my private email to Sam Frost and per Frost gave Frost fully authority to give a response on WTS' behalf.  I don't need to "get to know" Talbot or WTS to simply ask a question do I???  This is the SAME type of mentality Sam himself often uses; "The 'hundreds' that know Sam don't think he is pathological liar" blah blah blah.  You don't have to "get to know" someone to merely ask a question about FACTS.  Dee Dee got caught up in the trickery and then ultimately was paid off and lost objectivity and integrity with a free tuition.  The FACTS and source links are there for anyone to read.
BUT, I continued to ask those "certain questions". As a matter of FACT, I commented on Talbot's article the very same day Dee Dee posted it and in part said:
"Dr. Talbot. My original questions still stand. Whether your instituion does or doesn’t hold to the WCF doesn’t change the fact that your institution WAS allowing a hyperpreterist to help design your programs. I was just asking about the validity of that. I don’t need to know you personally to ask such a question do I???"
Hmmm, certainly looks like I KEPT ASKING.  So Dee Dee is obviously FLAT OUT LYING about me supposedly as KEPT ASKING as a "cover story after the fact".  The FACTS and source links show once again the Talbotites are LIARS.
FINALLY, on Aug 29, 2009 I write more pointedly since Talbot continues to avoid the question I KEPT ASKING.  He avoided this on the blog AND during phone conversations we had.  I had enough of the compromise and non-answers and the sell-out by Dee Dee Warren.
"If “diplomats” want to play paddy-cake with heretics, so be it — I won’t be a part of it." -- Aug 29, 2009 
I DIDN'T leave because of any "embarrassment over Clarkianism".  As a matter of fact, I further clarify in comments on the article:
"Compromisers of the faith, whether in pastorates, in seminaries, or the average-joe only continue to water-down the Christian faith and make it into a subjective mess…where we are told to “respect” people who are attacking Christ Himself."
So, what will the Talbotites say now??  "Oh just shut up Roderick" because they don't care about FACTS.  Instead they like to make undocumented, unsubstantiated claims like Dee Dee did and hope that no one will actually follow up to see if what they are saying is true or not.  Clearly, Dee Dee was caught red-handed in a lie.  But hey, since the narrative is that Roderick is a big, bitter, meanie, who just hates Talbot and Sam, all these FACTS that show Dee Dee is a liar is supposed to be dismissed.

P.S.  Dee Dee, after I posted this article tries to claim because later Talbot offered me a free tuition that proves I must not have continued to ask the questions to Talbot.  But the TRUTH is, I DID continue to ask the question and eventually Talbot WITHDREW the offer...presumably because I wouldn't stop asking him to clarify why he and WTS for 10 years utilized a known hyperpreterist and that they didn't disclose that to potential students of WTS.  Again, Dee Dee is LYING.


Roderick_E said...

It seems to never end with Dee Dee Warren. After I provide all of this source documentation, she STILL LIES.

Let me demonstrate.
In a comment posted on Apr 17,2012 Dee Dee says in part:

"One’s own personal history is much fresher in one’s mind than any knowledge one has of the dramas of others."

Then in a LATER comment Dee Dee demonstrates her own premise by FALSELY saying this:

"Roderick did decline [a free tuition offer from WTS]... If I remember correctly, Roderick declined due to a lack of time to make the commitment involved."

Well, the TRUTH and FACTS are I delayed in any response to the offer. But after seeing Talbot was a pompous elitist, on Jul 18, 2009 I said and I quote:

"I think I will now openly decline your offer of the schooling as gracious as it was. And perhaps at this point it is best you & I no longer interact. No need to email me or call me."

As you can see, I said nothing about not having time to do the work. I clearly STILL had issues with Talbot's inability to answer why he and WTS utilized a known hyperpret for so long. I further said:

"It is ashamed your desire to “defend truth” wasn’t as clear & bold while Sam Frost has been using your name & WTS’ name for the past 6+ years to prop up his legitimacy."

There I am, STILL asking Talbot to answer the question he never answered.

So again. Dee Dee is found to be a LIAR.

Roderick_E said...

Dee Dee Warren just can't seem to get her head out of her own darkness. She doesn't realize that there is no contradiction between saying;

Talbot withdrew the tuition offer


I declined the offer

Here's how. Talbot put forth the offer, just as he did with Dee Dee to attempt to silence my opposition toward him and WTS. But unlike Dee Dee, I wasn't easily swooned. I delayed in accepting. As I continued to oppose Talbot, he stopped talking about the offer and would not answer my inquires about the details of the offer. I eventually told him I assumed he withdrew the offer since he would not answer the inquires. THEN, I officially DECLINED the offer.

So, Dee Dee -- go back to your little well-controlled (ie manipulated) sycophants and "laughs" so more since you can't seem to deal with DOCUMENTED FACTS.