Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hyperpreterism's Latest Trophy

The hyperpreterist movement is always seeking a "big name" that will help validate them and carry them into "mainstream".  They thought they were going to get this from Gary DeMar or R.C. Sproul, or Hank Hanegraaf.
The latest "trophy" is a man named, Frank Speer.  Watch hyperpreterist Mike Loomis interview Mr. Speer.

UPDATE; Hyperpret Mike Loomis made it so I can't display the video on this site.  This just goes to show you what kind of people these are.  They are afraid to be assessed and will do everything to hide their true intent.  You can still view the video by clicking the link at the bottom of the video box.

The Journey with Frank Speer-09.14.2011 from michael j loomis on Vimeo.

Mr. Speer, of course Loomis and the other hyperprets are going to be "supportive -- they want you to help validate their heresy.

Here  is the text of an email I sent to Mr. Speer.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How Dave Green Can Save PreteristCosmos

Dave Green, the hyperpret owner and moderator of the yahoo group, PretCosmos has been the last hold out against the hypocrisy of Ken Talbot-influenced anti-prets.  Green continues to point out, and is validated in pointing out the influence Talbot has had on the anti-pret PretBlog and now on ex-hyperpret Sam Frost's website, RCM.  But now Green's support is beginning to crack among his fellow hyperpreterists.  Only a handful remain in solidarity while the rest are giving way to the Sieglesque duplicity.

Be clear about it; I win either way -- If the "Talbotites" convince more people to leave the heresy of hyperpreterism -- it's a win, even though now the person would have to work their way out of the snobbish elitism that is Talbot's world.  Or if Green succeeds in convincing people about the reality the of hypocrisy of the Talbotites -- it's a win because it will give people a chance at leaving the heresy without joining a cultish group like the Talbotites.

So, how does Green get out of this mess?  Blame it on me.  Give some mushy heart-felt apology to everyone and say that you were tainted by your association with me.  Trust me Dave, it will work.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Do Gary DeMar's Books Lead to Full/Hyper-Preterism?

Many of a full/hyperpreterist has launched into that "movement" first via the "partial-preterism" of men like Gary DeMar and even Kenneth Gentry; often citing their books.  The difference between Gentry and DeMar is that Gentry has made it clear in print and audio that he believes full/hyper-preterism not to merely be a "dangerous error", but to be heresy on par with heresies like Arianism or cults like Mormonism.  DeMar, on the other hand has not only not called full/hyper-preterism a heresy, DeMar has actually spoken at full/hyper-preterist conferences without making any distinction.  DeMar has joined numerous full/hyper-preterist message boards in support of it.  DeMar allows his materials to be promoted and published on full/hyper-preterist websites.  DeMar was once asked outright by now ex-full/hyper-preterist Sam Frost if DeMar thought it was heresy.  DeMar answers that he doesn't think full preterism is heretical  (ref#1-mp3, ref#2, ref#3).

Mike Loomis, operator of the full/hyper-preterist podcast network, once said about DeMar:

"Anyhow. John [Noe] has done a lot of great work that has helped many people understand fulfillment even though I may disagree with him. Much like Gary DeMar. I disagree with him...Nonetheless he makes more full preterist's than the rest of us combined."  - source