Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This is what happens when you go around attacking people and just attacking like....well...jerks.  These two fellows expressly came onto a forum where I interact with hyperpreterists and those who are looking into hyperpreterism.  They didn't come to discuss any of that.  They came specifically to shout me down and shut me up.  They don't like it when I point out how Kenneth Talbot has compromised with the hyperpreterists.

Well, the first fellow who arrogantly enough thinks he is a "slamdunker" is really named Phil Naessens.  This is the same fellow who has threatened to sue me yet he thinks I should continue to interact with him and answer his questions. I don't communicate with folks that break 1 Cor 6.  I don't communicate with folks that have such thin skin that they go to the "Gentiles" for help when they can't handle the FACTS.

The next fellow, "kingneb" is none other than Jason Bradfield; Sam Frost's P.R. man.  This isn't the first time Jason was banned from this forum.  He ignored the rules of the forum and started attacking the moderators -- whom I do not know from Adam.  Jason even smugly accused the moderator of being "my girlfrield".  Huh???  First, I've been married for over 21 years and secondly, no one knows the gender of the moderator in question.  Simply immature of Jason.

Why do I relate all of this here?  What does this have to do with preterism or hyperpreterism?

Well, these two men along with their mentor; Ken Talbot didn't used to like how I handled hyperpreterism -- this was while Frost and Bradfield were STILL hyperpreterists.  I left that movement 3 years before they did.  They are now using the SAME arguments I used.  But somehow when they use those arguments; they are to be seen as sincere and loving.  That is part of it.  But the other part is that at least Jason and Sam are rabid Clarkians -- a Clarkian is someone who follows the views of Gordon Clark; an obscure philosopher from the late 1940's to about 1985.  He departs from the historic Christian view of first starting with the existence of God (Rom 1:20) and instead they; in their zeal for "logic" become "Textualists" - making the Bible prime over God.  God gave us the Bible.  God was FIRST.  As a Christian, obviously I whole-heartily agree that "The Bible is the Word of God written".  But before the Bible was, GOD IS (exists).

This may seem a minor trifle of a matter, but if we give primacy to the Bible over the existence of God; we do like the Clarkians who act more like lawyers subsectioning some law book rather than having a living Faith with God the Creator.

Anyhow, if you meet up with some of the folks like "Slamdunk" and "kingneb" and you push them too much and don't stroke their egos enough; they will become so hostile that moderators will have to ban/suspend them.

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