Sunday, January 9, 2011

Whitefield Theological Seminary Breeds Hyperpreterists?

Sam Frost, a known hyperpreterist leader who in 2010 grew tired of not being able to dictate how the hyperpreterist movement develops has revealed what I have been saying for some time;  Whitefield Theological Seminary appears to breed hyperpreterists.  In an article posted Jan 6, 2011 Frost seems to be quoting from David Chilton.  Chilton also embraced hyperpreterism.  The quote is as follows:

Chilton wrote in his biography, “I earned the Master of Divinity in Patoral Theology from Whitefield Theological Seminary in 1990, and the Doctor of Philosophy in the field of Christian Thought from the same institution in 1992, the latter primarily on the basis of my work on the Book of Revelation.” -- source

This isn't the first time Frost claims he built upon the things he learned from WTS to conclude his hyperpreterism.  But what is more disturbing is that Dr. Kenneth Talbot, the president and founder of WTS who has been known to not only coddle Frost's hyperpreterism but actually had Frost working on materials for use with the Christian students of the seminary supposedly had this to say according to Frost:

"I was talking to Dr. Talbot about this, who knew Chilton well, obviously, as he was a doctorate student at Whitefield, and he related to me that he had talked with Chilton just before he went to Austrailia, and confirmed to him that he was not leaving any of his Reformed theology behind." -- source

Does Talbot actually believe that Chilton could keep his Reformed theology AND be a hyperpreterist?

Whether WTS breeds hyperpreterism or not, hyperpreterist Sam Frost is certainly trying to paint it that WTS helped him AND Chilton become hyperpreterists and as if Talbot is okay with it.  At the very least, you'd think WTS would aggressively engage this if it isn't true but instead Talbot gives off signals that make it look like that not only as if he endorses hyperpreterism secretly but if he could control it, he'd adopt it.

I encourage hyperpreterists to enroll at WTS in droves...since Talbot is apparently okay with this heresy.

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