Sunday, December 12, 2010

Creedalized Hyperpreterism?

For all their talk against "creeds" and "councils" hyperpreterists secretly don't really despise creeds and councils, they just despise Christian creeds and councils. Hyperpreterists actually want to replace Christianity with their own religion. This is most apparent in something hyperpreterist leader, Sam Frost wrote supposedly in 2002-03 and reasserted in December of 2009.

"It is my hope, in aligning myself with others, like Joseph Vincent, Bryan Lewis, Alan Bondar, Dave Curtis, Don Preston, William Bell, Jack Scott and many others (Larry Siegle is a given - such a strong counsel in my life), that a Trust or Board be settled upon with bylaws, guidelines for recognition that work within the biblical eschatological view of Full Preterism. This would be a historic venture. There are many preterists that will resist it, as they resist any attempt to systematize, creedalize, or organize. We must make a decision that demands the response of the larger preterist community through a census of sorts, that will either go the route of a joint organizational, international venture (which would include financial support in terms of dues for our overseas brothers and ministers in Autrailia, Mexico, Prabhu Dah in India, South Africa, etc.), or simply allow us to drift aimlessly, scattered by one theological faction over another." --source
Notice that Frost specifically wants to "creedalize" hyperpreterism yet these are the same folks running around accusing others of being "creedalists". He wants a "census" of some sorts on what his fellow hyperpreterists believe YET this same man and his proteges berate that there has been 2000 years of UNITED Christian consensus on the very basics of Christian eschatology -- a consensus which hyperprets reject.

There is even recent talk on how to make a [hyper]preterist church and yet hyperprets want to act like they aren't a completely different religion. (source) Frost tried that too and failed. Hyperpreterism by its very nature is unstable and built on fanciful, private interpretations and speculations.

See, for all their displayed hatred of "councils and creeds", what hyperpreterists actually want is to dismantle 2000 years of Christianity and replace it with their own "councils and creeds". Folks the mask is off, hyperpreterism is another religion and another Gospel. Hyperpreterism ISN'T Christianity.

So next time a hyperpreterist tries to tell you they don't go by anything but the Bible and that they don't follow creeds and councils, have Frost's comments handy. Hyperpreterism's agenda all along has been to try to replace Christianity. Don't let them fool you. Don't let them get a foot in the door. We MUST continuing resisting hyperpreterism as the cult it is.

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