Sunday, October 17, 2010

Should Christians Root Against Hyperpreterism?

I was amazed to hear a supposed "Christian elder" recently appear on a hyperpreterist hosted podcast and chastise Christians for "rooting" against the heresy.

This occurred Oct 13, 2010 when supposed Christian elder, Phil Naessens said on a hyperpreterist podcast called ironically enough "The Antithesis Hour" that:

"You don't want to root against anyone. Especially if you're a Christian. You don't want to root for others to fail. Do you ever see people that have done that. Just rooted for people to fail?"
Then the hyperpreterist host, Mike Loomis goes into how people have rooted that his podcast fails (implying a reference to my article here). Yet Naessens never backs off his comments or clarifies that it would be okay to root for heresy to fail...because Naessens doesn't really think hyperpreterism is heresy (except perhaps with a little "h")

Hear the clip:

What does Naessens want then? For hyperpreterism to succeed?

Here is what I find contradicting in Phil Naessens’ approach toward heresy. Take his comments in this podcast. Phil claims that a Christian should not be rooting for the failure of others. Really? NEVER? What if a Christian is “rooting” for the failure of a heresy? What if a Christian is “rooting” for the failure of evil? I certainly pray and will continue to pray that those things, like hyperpreterism that corrupt the Christian Faith FAIL. I would think that IF Naessens is really the “elder” he claims to be, he too would “root” for the failure of those things that corrupt the Christian Faith.

Instead, here he does a radio show called “antithesis” and yet we hardly hear any opposition (antithesis) to hyperpreterism from Naessens. In fact, he is chastising Christians for opposing heresy (hyperpreterism), unless they do it in his milquetoast manner, which is no opposition at all really.

Well, after all this is the same Phil Naessens who has been known to "root against" fellow Christians who are ACTUALLY antithetical to hyperpreterism -- so I guess his words are will be the response from hyperprets to this posting.

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