Wednesday, October 13, 2010

PSA To Preterists Everywhere

I thought I'd put out a PSA (public service announcement) for those preterists who may be living under a rock somewhere.  Things have changed, and I don't mean just at AD70.  Things have changed (or maybe gone back to the way it was) within the preterist movement.  Gone are the days when you could criticize a preterist who was advocating Emergentism, or Universalism, or Covenant Creationism.

You see, now that Sam Frost is redefining all of you "wacko" preterists (Sam's words) as the REAL hyperpreterists (see here), people like Mike Bennett who had built his reputation on being the most vocal opponent of the "Covenant Creationism" preterists is going to really have to tone that down.  In Frost's new "fuller full preterism" (ie Realized Preterism wink wink) everyone is going to be accepted as long as you be nice to Frost.  I know it seems contradictory to say some preterists are going to be considered the REAL hyperpreterists AND that under the new "fuller full preterism"  there is going to be more "ecumenicism" but that is only because it is a FAKE ecumenicism that only goes as far as Frost and company allow.

I just wanted to help you preterists who will soon find yourselves lumped in with the likes of Dave Green...after all, according to Ward Fenley, Green is "as mean as they come".  Join Frost (and Talbot, as the "superpreterist" -- his undercover name he has used on blogs) as they reshape the movement into a kinder, gentler movement where people like Virgil Vaduva (Brian McLaren's clone -- see pic) and his gay friends will be accepted as "brothers" (see here).  Act now and get a 8x10 glossy of Mike Loomis for a "donation" of $5 or more, to help support the preterist "radio" that helps promote this "new kind of preterism".

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