Friday, January 1, 2010

Why Hyperpreterists Will Always Eventually Be Liberal

Hyperpreterism eats away at a person slowly.  At first they think it is merely a mild modification to only their eschatology.  Then as they become more immersed, they begin to realize it is a complete overhaul.  It is as the hyperpreterists claim themselves, a “paradigm shift”.  You AREN’T going to be able to be a hyperpreterist & just modify your eschatology & go on with all your other “ologies” in tact.  Were you a Calvinist before you were a hyperpreterist?  Not for long.  Were you a Pentecostal?  Not for long.  Did you previously hold to some form of holiness or moral compass? (not out of self-righteousness, but in honoring God for His grace)  Not for long.

Hyperpreterism by nature is liberating or better yet liberalizing.  First it liberalizes Christian history by trying to tell modern Christians that all the Christians of nearly 2000 years of history are stupid…I mean, none of these Christians for 2000 years advocated or understood anything like hyperpreterism advocates so by hyperpreterist standards they must have been stupid…no matter how much they studied the Bible.
Hyperpreterism is also liberal with definition.  We have seen them redefine “Sola Scriptura” to merely mean each person’s “private interpretation alone”.  We have seen them redefine Creation. Redefine the Flood account. Redefine Body. Redefine death. Redefine sin. Redefine resurrection. Redefine heaven.  Redefine hell.  Redefine judgment.  Redefine “Coming into His kingdom”.
Hyperpreterism ISN’T just a moderate change in eschatology & it certainly isn’t a mere modification of one word (as in HAS instead of SHALL in the phrase, “The Lord shall come again”) — this is the con some like hyperpreterist leader Sam Frost is trying to sell people.  Hyperpreterism is a dramatic change in what is portrayed as Christian.  If you think that Emergents like Brian McClaren & Rob Bell are re-visioning Christianity, just wait until you see what hyperpreterism is trying to do to Christianity.
Hyperpreterism is not isolated to a person’s theology as if it won’t affect the person’s daily life.  They will eventually see the effects in every area of their lives.  For instance, the very first hyperpreterist community in history was called The Oneida Community & this community practiced a form of open-marriages called “complex-marriage” where no one was actually married to anyone but rather everyone shared everyone.  This fits perfectly with the hyperpreterist “logic” that…
At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven (Matthew 22:30)
I mean, it makes “sense” if you agree with the hyperpreterist premise that the resurrection happened in AD70.  Why would people still be “given in marriage” if we’re now beyond the resurrection? (hey you hyperpreterists, how’s that for a major/minor premise???)
Hyperpreterism will eventually liberalize your morality.  I mean if sin & death are defeated, if Satan is crushed & cast into hell itself, if there is no more condemnation, if there is no more judgment then why wouldn’t your morals liberalize?
Another recent example of this comes from the unofficial artist of the hyperpreterist movement, Jim Kessler who commenting on U.S. presidential elections said:
In terms of experience, an argument can be made also about Barack Obama. Yet he wasn’t picked by just one man to possibly lead this nation, Obama was picked by millions of American voters who saw great potential in him to maybe one day be this country’s next president. Say what you will about Barack Obama but his choice for vice president, Joe Biden, never participated in a beauty contest nor has he ever tried to sell a jet on Ebay to turn a profit. What he does possibly have is the global experience that will make Obama a better well suited president and leader. The same cannot be said of John McCain and his eye candy VP unless foreign policy now includes how to field dress a moose or build or not build a bridge to nowhere. (source, yes we name names here & we actually document & link to the originals — unlike many hyperpreterist con sites who are too afraid to actually name names & cite links for fear new hyperpreterists might jump ship after reading refutations)
Now folks, what Christian in their right mind (& in right doctrine) could suggest anyone actually vote for Barak Obama?  I don’t care if the Christian wants to disclaim the Republicans too, that’s not the point — but Obama though not THE antichrist, he is certainly by his stances, UNchristian.  So, as you see when someone embraces hyperpreterism, this starts their degradation into liberalism of every kind — liberalizing history, liberalizing the Bible, liberalizing doctrines, liberalizing politics, liberalizing their everyday life.
Even people & groups of hyperpreterists that claim to be “conservative” — it is only a matter of time before the liberalization starts.  They can try to bar the liberal hyperpreterists from their websites (even as “conservative” & so-called  “biblical” hyperpreterist Sam Frost & his group are  barring liberal hyperpreterist Virgil Vaduva from their website.  Vaduva was the very guy who put Frost on the hyperpreterist map by publishing one of his books free of charge & for giving him a prominent place at his conferences).  But even within the protected confines of their little alternate hyperpreterist planets, the liberalization will come.  Hyperpreterists will not be denied the “right” to flesh out all things (or should I say spiritualize all things?).  Hyperpreterists will not long tolerate having limitations & restrictions placed upon them.  After all, a hyperpreterist already had to forsake all of Christianity to take up his heretic position so why not go all the way? He will question the validity of God actually creating the universe as opposed to its “natural progression”.  He will question the validity of God actually creating the planet as opposed to merely creating a “covenantal world”.  He will question the validity of God actually creating Adam as opposed to God merely creating a covenant with Adam (Adam not as the first created man, but merely as the first “covenantal man”).  No, the “conservatives” can play house & gatekeepers all they want, but eventually liberalism will come to them too.

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