Friday, January 1, 2010

RCM Live: A Parody Podcast

Welcome to another episode of RCM Live  (Really Conceited Men) with your hosts Jason Bragfield & Sam Frauds & their sidekick Mike Puppett.  This episode features more of the same as all the other episodes; Sam talking about himself & who & what he knows while Mike praises Sam & agrees with everything he says.
The guys take a few calls.  The first call is Chuck Cozy from the Hyperpreterist Whine website.  Chuck tries to tell the guys not to address their critics but fortunately Sam won’t listen to counsel from anyone & continues.
The next call is from Virg, the Emergent, postmodernist, relativist, theological-socialist that hates every thing traditional & is in the process of building the first hyperpreterist compound, constructed fittingly enough completely out of straw bales.  Sam interprets Virg’s comments for the listeners.
SPECIAL FEATURE:  As Sam takes his typical  unprofessional mid-show break, Jason wows the listeners with his rapping skills.
If you like previous episodes of RCM live, you’ll like this one..its more of the same.
NOTE: This is a parody of a typical hyperpreterist podcast.  Any resemblance with actual persons or organizations is ..uh… coincidental yeah.  They say imitation is the height of flattery, but in this case this parody is exposing the flattery of self common among hyperpreterist.  Enjoy!

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