Friday, January 1, 2010

What Matt Slick from CARM says about Hyperpreterism

Words & phrases Matt Slick, the OWNER of CARM has used to describe hyperpreterism:
  1. Idiocy
  2. Blatantly denying Scriptural Truth
  3. Like smoking heresy-weed
  4. Not at home (clueless)
  5. Totally incomprehensible
  6. Incompetency or Agenda driven
  7. Needs to slap sense into self
  8. Dangerous HERESY
  9. Twists Scripture
  10. Really Bad News
  11. Not God’s Word
  12. Should be Distanced From by Christians
  13. Blatantly False Teaching
CARM, according to the CARM website started in October of 1995  & is short for “Christian Apologetics Research Ministry”.

The website says its purpose is:
To equip Christians with the truth, to expose the error of false religious systems, evolution, to teach apologetics, help Christians defend the faith, and to glorify the Lord Jesus.
Coupling the statement of purpose with Slick’s stated position on hyperpreterism would lead one to believe that CARM considers hyperpreterism to be NOT the Truth & an erroneous false religious system that needs to be EXPOSED.
The website speaks about how the website & Slick himself has been the target of attacks:
Matt Slick has received several death threats, threats against his family, as well as promises to destroy CARM.  Also, various “discontented” individuals and/or groups have tried to hack into CARM and I also have received a ton of spam email designed to overload the email system.
This is EXACTLY the kind of things we who oppose hyperpreterism have experienced.  I have personally had my physical well-being threatened several times & even have had a well-known hyperpreterist “teacher” threaten to harm my family.  I have had another well-known hyperpreterist leader start anonymous websites about me & even attempt to overload/crash my website by sending “vampire scripts” against it.  Many hyperpreterists try to depict my personal life as in torment though I have a good job, good family life (been married to the same woman for over 18 years & have a wonderful daughter who gets A-Bs in school), good friends, & I am generally a happy (even silly) person.  Hyperpreterists also often try to depict my opposition to them & their teachings as driven from “hate” or “attention seeking”.  On the first account, I can’t think of too many people in general that even make me angry let alone drive me to “hate” them.  However, hyperpreterism does DISGUST me.  The false doctrine & egostism & arrogance of hyperpreterism SHOULD DISGUST EVERY CHRISTIAN.  On the second account, I wish hyperpreterists would make up their minds — either I’m out to get attention or I’ve destroyed myself.  I mean, hyperpreterists often claim no one comes to my website anymore & things like that.  Well, then I guess I’m not very good at “attention seeking” eh?
Back to CARM & Matt Slick.  At the moment, the CARM forums are being infested by hyperpreterists.  Here is what typically happens.  You have some lone hyperpreterist that becomes a member of a web forum & begins to propagate the hyperpreterist agenda/doctrine.  Once there is traction (either positive or negative — hyperpreterists usually operate off the mantra, “even bad publicity is good publicity”), then the lone hyperpreterist will post to a hyperpreterist forum, urging his or her buddies to come join in.  I call it “theological thuggery”.
Forums like CARM often do not know how to handle this gang of heretics so they typically will try to play nice with them, even to the point of perhaps scolding Christians that are trying to rout the heresy from the forums.  Hyperpreterism is so new, people often will be duped into thinking it is just another innocent eschatological view.  (Even hyperpreterist leader Sam Frost tries to often depict it that way)  Yet, hyperpreterism is a PARADIGM SHIFT — a radical, toxic shift or change in how a person approaches & interprets Scripture.  It AFFECTS EVERYTHING — not just eschatology.
A word of advice to places like CARM, do yourself a favor & quickly recognize hyperpreterism & flag those who are trying to propagate it on your forums.  You wouldn’t let a Mormon or a JWs come on your forum pretending to be a Christian so take what measure you have in place for Mormons & JWs & apply it to the hyperpreterists…before they take over your forum & instead of being a place where Christians interact, it becomes a den of wolves waiting for the unsuspecting Christian to whom they will try to sell their junk theology.

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