Friday, January 1, 2010

Are You “Afraid” of Hyperpreterists?

Here we go again.  Hyperpreterism seems to be the master of false premises.  Recently on an up & coming hyperpreterist website one of their members posted the question “Why are Christian [discussion boards] Afraid of Preterism?” First off, this question has several false premises built into it.  One, the issue ISN’T Preterism — it is HYPERPRETERISM.  These hyperpreterists need to start getting their terminology & definitions correct.  Even one of their own used to go around claiming that the first step in discussing theology was to first define your terms.  Instead, these guys play loose with terms, making it look like their HYPERpreterism is the same as traditional preterism.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, they have been doing this for some time now.  Even the Wikipedia on Preterism is a collection of erroneous history & poor definition.

The second erroneous premise of the question is the notion that these Christians are “afraid” of hyperpreterism.  Christians that know anything about this blip of a movement, aren’t “afraid” of it anymore than Christians opposing homosexuality are “afraid” (phobic) of that distortion of humanity.  It is funny that these hyperpreterists are once again using tactics like those used by liberals & even homosexuals.  We aren’t “afraid” of hyperpreterism, we are DISGUSTED by it, just as we are disgusted by homosexuality.
Hyperpreterism is a distoration of Christianity as much as homosexuality is a distoration of human sexuality.  Oh sure, both groups speak of “love”, “tolerance”, “acceptance”.  Both groups whine about being rejected & persecuted & that they just want “equality” when in fact over & over you will see both of these groups have an agenda to force & supplant.  Both groups want to revise what has been the “traditional” with their “new paradigms” — be it homosexuality or hyperpreterism, both are disgusting distortions of the NATURAL & INTENDED. (Romans 1:26-27)
Homosexuals behave the same way as hyperpreterists — both groups complain about being “banned” from participation in “normal” activities, be it marriage, or serving openly in a congregation, or being allowed to influence young hearts & minds.  Both groups act like people are “afraid” of them & are just being “hateful bigots”.  Rather, we Christians are called to oppose error even if it puts us at odds with “friends” & family.
He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me. (Mt 10:37)
Since I left hyperpreterism, I have had former friends say some of the most hateful things about me but I will not stop loving them by trying to call them out of this disease.  They think that for me to be loving I must gush & mush & pretend that what they are saying is valid.  I have to believe that some of them are understanding that I don’t care if they ever even tell me they have escaped hyperpreterism.  I’m not looking for a following & is one reason why you won’t see me writing a “systematic” alternative to hyperpreterism — it would immediately be seen as “Roderick’s view”.  I don’t want to have a view associated with my name.  I just want to be part of Christianity — the same Christianity that has existed since the day Jesus hand-picked His apostles to be the foundation of the Church.  I’m not here to make up something new.  I’m not here to offer anyone a “paradigm shift”.  Am I am DEFINITELY NOT AFRAID OF HYPERPRETERISTS — I pity them, I feel sorry for them, but never afraid — not even when they have threatened to physically harm me & my family.
So, please be in prayer for those ensnared by this cult of the movement, whose leader is not some dynamic individual but is each individual as they privately interpret Scripture & come to conclusions unlike anything that has ever been considered Christianity.  And when they complain about not being accepted or claim people are “afraid” of them, think of the homosexual movement that employs the same mindset & tactics.

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