Friday, January 1, 2010

Interview on Covenant Radio

William Hill, host of the Internet radio show called “Covenant Radio” interviewed me (Roderick Edwards) on the subject of hyperpreterism.  It was an hour & 8 minute show wherein we covered some background history, overarching premises, & typical proof-texts for hyperpreterism along with naming some names of those who promote/teach hyperpreterism.
I think, all in all it was a broad-hitting show that gives the listener a good starting point on understanding why hyperpreterism is destructive to a Christian faith.

You can listen to the audio here:
Download the mp3 to your computer or mp3 player (right-click & SAVEAS):
Please drop Bill a word of thanks for his brave stand:
He has been the target of many hyperpreterists who are now upset that he isn’t allowing the show to give any validity to this heresy.

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