Friday, January 1, 2010

All Offices Have Ceased: A Consistent Hyperpreterism

Early on in the hyperpreterism movement as they were in search of a label to call their new religion they toyed with labels like “Covenant Eschatology”, “Fulfilled Eschatology”, & “Consistent Preterism”.  They claimed to be “more consistent” than the so-called “Partial-Preterists” (ie. historic Preterists).
Well, when hyperpreterism is REALLY applied in a consistent manner, a person MUST arrive at things like universalism as a conclusion (all are saved); since under hyperpreterism, the judgment has happened, the devil is gone, there is no more condemnation & on & on. 

However, what intrigued me is a recent discussion where a person new to hyperpreterism is trying to consistently apply her hyperpreterism.  She makes the following statement to her fellow hyperpreterists:
“It is very easy for us to say that we are Full [hyper] Preterist or that we believe in Full [hyper] Preterism. My question is, do we then WALK in Full [hyper] Preterism? Holding onto the gifts and the offices of the NT church, is not walking in Full [hyper] Preterism from what I see in the Word.” (Lori — source)
This is a bold statement as she makes it at a hyperpreterist site known for its “inconsistent” application of its hyperpreterism — even other hyperpreterists claim this about this site (see link). But anyhow, the statement comes in the context of her question as to whether the “Offices have Ceased?” — this would include the office of pastor/elder as found in Eph 4:11-15.
As a hyperpreterist, the “offices have ceased” argument was perhaps my pinacle position — the postion often called, “Roderick’s view”.  This was me applying my hyperpreterism in a “consistent” manner.  I mean, if apostles & pastors were only for bringing people into the unity of the faith until the Chief Shepherd returned & then the elders would get their crowns, then according to hyperpreterism what need is there today for pastors/elders…especially since as we’ll see from the presumed hyperpreterist “scholar”, they are no more being guided by God than you & I? (see 1 Peter 5:1-4)  And as I advocated this, hyperpreterists guys like “pastor” Sam Frost opposed the position…at first…he later adopted it, but as Lori says in her statement, Frost isn’t “walking in Full [hyper] Preterism” ‘consistently’.
Frost once wrote:
Even the Elders in that time [pre-AD70] had authority to ‘teach the oracles of God’. But I do not believe, because I am a [hyper] preterist that such ‘inspired’ authority exists today.  I do not believe that God has set up yet another ‘nation’ in the new covenant that commands uniformity & punishment if uniformity is not met.” (Hyperpreterist Sam Frost disavowing pastoral authority while yet claiming to be a “pastor” — see link pg 9)
So, not only was Frost disavowing pastoral authority all the while claiming he himself is a “pastor” but he robs from the Church any ability to “command uniformity”.  This fits perfect with his hyperpreterism that eschews conforming with anything that is traditionally Christian & with their disdain for being told they are wrong.  Further, Frost says, “I do not believe that God has set up yet another ‘nation’ in the new covenant” — all in contradiction to Scripture which says:
But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light; — 1 Peter 2:9
So, while the newbie hyperpreterists like the woman who made the bold statement about “walking in Full [hyper] preterism” are the ones that are REALLY trying to apply their hyperpreterism, though the whole system is faulty, guys like Frost & his followers give lip service to actually “walking in Full [hyper] preterism” but will not allow people to be consistently “full [hyper] preterists” since they know & see what that leads to — something radically different than ANY kind of Christianity.  I say what Paul said about the disturbers of his time:
I could wish that those who trouble you would even cut themselves off! — Gal 5:12
I wish that either the hyperpreterists give up the lie of hyperpreterism or stop pretending they are Christians & just cut themselves off & be consistent & be a brand new religion to fit their labels.

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