Friday, January 1, 2010

Hyperpreterist Declaration or Cultic Liberal Manifesto?

Recently at a conference sponsored by the most liberal faction of hyperpreterism a “declaration” was offered for people to sign. When you read it, you will see it sounds more like a socialistic manifesto where big, bad, evil power hungry men have kept his thumb on the poor downtrodden common man. (”Yeah dudes! power to the people!”) This is evident when you consider that the host of the conference is a guy with a real socialistic background.

But perhaps what is more shocking is that some of the signers of this “declaration” were from the “quasi-conservative” faction of hyperpreterism – I guess they really are “all in this [heresy] together”.

The cultic liberal manifesto follows:

Throughout the course of human history, certain men have found it necessary to derive their power and strength from the control of our Christian faith through fear, threats, and displays meant to cause discomfort and even violence to those holding to differing Christian views. And such it has at times become necessary for average believers to challenge the status-quo of such-derived power and to stand up to the violence cause by such men in order to ensure that Christian believers everywhere, as having been entitled to decent respect by God himself, no longer suffer in ignorance, fear, and terror at the hands of those unwilling to grant grace to both the persons and beliefs which may have become at odds with their own.

Likewise, throughout the history of human existence, our Creator used prophets and prophecy to reveal and bring to light his promises and his will regarding humanity and its future, and thus we consider God’s will to be of utmost concern and importance to mankind, and fulfilling this will is our responsibility as created beings. Accordingly, we believe that the pursuit and understanding of God’s will brings about understanding of the nature and timing of His Kingdom, and positive changes in our world, in our families and among each other.

We therefore, being followers of Christ, and regardless of our differences, stand united as one in our understanding that all scripture prophecy has already been fulfilled on or around the destruction of the Jewish Temple in AD70, just as Christ said it would be, and we declare that such understanding is in line with the Christian scriptures, the expectations of the apostles and our historic first-century faith. We hold that understanding prophecy fulfillment as such brings completion to our faith and fulfillment of God’s will for our lives, familes, relationships and communities. (source: –may require manually pasting in the link since the hyperpreterists are often known to redirect links from sites that don’t flatter their position)

Any Mormon or Jehovah’s Witness would love to have a document like this where they try to claim their beliefs shouldn’t be questioned – that they are simply holding to the real “Christian faith” in complete opposition to 2000 years of Christian history. This hyperpreterist declaration is nothing short of a whining that they aren’t being accepted into the general Christian community…and that those who will not accept & tolerate them & their erroneous antichristian beliefs are simply big meanies.

Rather, Scriptures AND the actual Will of God says:

Now I urge you, brethren, note those who cause divisions and offenses, contrary to the doctrine which you learned, and avoid them. — Rom 16:17

We are to NOTE those who are causing divisions & offenses by their teaching contrary doctrines to the apostolic doctrines which the real Christian faith has learned…and we are supposed to AVOID such people. It is NOT “God’s will” that we just accept them as fellow Christians.

Further, Scripture says:

But we command you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you withdraw from every brother who walks disorderly and not according to the tradition which he received from us. — 2 Thes 3:6

We are COMMANDED to WITHDRAW from people calling themselves “brothers” who do not “walk” according to the traditions of the apostles. If anything is CONTRARY to the doctrines which the whole Church has learned and is NOT according to the traditions received from the apostles – hyperpreterism is certainly it. No sir, we are not going to buy this cultic liberal manifesto & are saddened to see that now even some of the more grounded folks within hyperpreterism have bought into the socialism infecting this movement. If there was ever a time to get out of hyperpreterism – now is the time.

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