Friday, January 1, 2010

Being Offended By Everything

While I was a fundamentalist Christian, I experienced & at times participated in the activity of being offended by almost everything.  They would often be offended by the length of someones hair, or if a woman wore slacks, or other such things that may or may not have some biblical principle behind it.

Recently, we at PretBlog have experienced some hyperpreterists that have been going on & on about how highly offended they are about this or that.  They are offended that someone said they are glad they are not their spouse — hey, sometimes I feel sorry for my own spouse since I’m a short geeky guy who can’t dance but you don’t see me get all offended.  These same hyperpreterists even make irrational assumptions at words, such as “whale” & “pig” & get offended because they think someone is talking about their weight.  They are constantly getting offended & demanding apologies for their hurt feelings.  But you know what I get REALLY offended by?  I get offended when people who claim to be Christians get more offended by common expressions & by their own irrational assumptions than by how these same people berate 2000 years worth of Christianity.

I & 2000 years worth of Christians would like these hyperpreterists to apologize for implying 2000 years worth of Christians have been too dumb to see the supposed “truth” of the hyperpreterist interpretation.
I & 2000 years worth of Christians would like these hyperpreterists to apologize…no, not apologize, WE WANT THEM TO REPENT of defaming God, defaming Jesus, defaming the apostles, defaming the Holy Spirit, & defaming the community of saints!
I am HIGHLY OFFENDED that people claiming to be Christians hate Christianity so much that they would defame it & try to replace it with their own private interpretations.
These hyperpreterists get offended by petty things but excuse real offenses.  They overlook that they are offensive to God, offensive to Jesus, offensive to the apostles, offensive to the Holy Spirit, & offensive to the community of the saints.  No, no — the hyperpreterists think we should overlook all of that & just accept them.
So, next time you hear these hyperpreterists whine about how “offended” they are & demanding an apology — ask them to repent of the offensive behavior they are engaging in against 2000 years worth of Christians.

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