Friday, January 1, 2010

More Hyperpreterist Thuggery: The Vindictive Jason Bradfield

Perhaps a new reader might wonder why PreteristBlog spends time mentioning the actions of hyperpreterists?  Perhaps a new reader might think, “Just deal with the position”.  But what must be realized is that character matters.  I get so sick of hearing hyperpreterists say things like, “The people who know me, know my heart…” as if they are different in person than they are in their online communications.  I understand that some people are different from online to in-person, but it should not be so with people claiming to be Christians.  It should be a WYSIWYG.  If we can’t determine a person’s “heart” via 5+ years of their written expression, then 1) they are either a poor communicator or 2) they are two-faced/double-minded. (James 1:8)  Either, way such a person would have no business being a teacher/leader & certainly NEVER any sort of “pastor”.

This brings us to the topic at hand.  Hyperpreterist Jason Bradfield, protege’ of hyperpreterist “teacher” Sam Frost has a reputation for his thuggery & has displayed it again recently in a really, really unethical way.
After recently being banned from a CHRISTIAN forum, due to his abusive thuggery Jason decided to take it out on another member of the forum.
Jason is known for his computer skills & has helped many people set up websites.  Well, in this issue about 3-4 years ago Jason had helped set up a website for a Christian HipHop group called “Reform Ordinance”.
But over the years, Jason has embraced the heresy of Hyperpreterism.  And some of the members of the hiphop group have opposed Jason’s departure from historic, biblical Christianity.  But it all came to a head when Jason was banned from a Christian hiphop forum, as I said not really for his heresy but for his abusiveness of others.  And now Jason has vindictively decided to take the domain name he maintained for that hiphop group & instead point it to a rant Jason has against those who oppose his hyperpreterism.
Sure, Jason owns the domain so it is perfectly legal — but is it ethical???  Hyperpreterists have a habit of not being ethical, whether they are making up anonymous websites with similar domains of their opponents (Ask Dee Dee more about this).  The ETHICAL thing for Jason to have done is to sell the domain to the group for what he paid…but no instead these thugs must do their thuggery.  Although much of it will be incomprehensible without full context you can READ JASON’S RANT HERE.  His representation of what went on at the Christian hiphop website is false.  The rant is nothing more than Waaaaaaaah-whinning on Jason’s part — What was that about hyperpreterist’s claiming they don’t have a “persecution complex”???  Admins & moderators are on group forums to admin & moderate.  Such forums usually have rules which a person knows going in.  So, for Jason to be vindictive & do this with this domain name just shows how small a person he is.
In the rant Jason says:
This crap has gone on for years and i could spend the entire weekend documenting one thing after another. I may or may not add to this as the weeks roll by; but just this latest post from [Jason's target] should be enough to demonstrate [Jason's target] absurdity when dealing with preterists and the hypocritical actions of some of the mods and other members involved for tolerating this nonsense.
I can not “tolerate” this any longer. Thus, i have redirected you to here in hope that you will bring some accountability to [Jason's target]. These fallacious bully tactics have got to stop. I have also deleted the videos i made for them. While it concerns me that this slightly affects [other people in the hiphop group], whom i have had nothing but the utmost respect for (i say slightly because i know in the grand scheme of things, this is a little hiccup for them), i simply can not let this slide anymore in fear of losing whatever respect they may have had for me in return. (ref)

Now, let’s analyze what Jason said.
  1. Has Jason ever considered there is a reason he has trouble, not only with NON-Hyperpreterists but also hyperpreterists?  They’re many hyperpreterists that think Jason is a thug & abusive (ref)  Why does Jason think it is always everyone else that is bringing “crap”?  Why doesn’t he ever consider it may be him?
  2. Why is Jason calling people “hypocrites” when he continues to use the word “Preterist” without making any distinction.  At least call it “Full Preterism” (see point #14).  When a person can’t even be honest with terms how can you expect them to be honest with relating how something transpires?
  3. Why is Jason threatening to keep using this domain for his thuggery against this hiphop group?  It is simply blackmail & core meanness.
  4. Jason reveals his real issue & why he is taking it out on this fellow — he is upset because the moderators banned him.  Waaaaah!  Take it up with the moderators Jason.  Do the right thing & sell-back the domain to the rightful owners (ethically speaking).  You are like an Internet thug that goes around & snatches up .orgs & .nets of someone’s legitimate .com website.  Maybe if you really wanted to get back at your theological opponents you should point the domain to a porn site — yeah that would really get them.  I mean, if you’re into this vindictive thing, you might as well go all the way eh?
  5. Why are hyperpreterists always crying about what they can’t “tolerate” yet they DEMAND that historic Christianity “tolerate” them???  I’m going to repeat something some people find controversial but folks, it fits perfect.  Hyperpreterism’s constant appeal for historical Christianity to “tolerate” them sounds just like the tactic of the homosexual movement that first whined for “tolerance” & now is demanding we actually teach “alternative lifestyles” to our kids in school & passing so-called “hate-crimes” laws that would eventually make it illegal for a preacher to call homosexuality a sin.
  6. Why is Jason talking about “accountability”?  Who is going to hold anyone to account?  I mean, hyperpreterism claims 2000 years of Christians have been just a bunch of dumb dolts.  When we try to hold hyperpreterists to ACCOUNT for their departure from the faith, they snub their noses at 2000 years of UNIFIED Christian interpretation as if it is only “traditions of men”.  Yet here Jason wants people to hold someone to account?  Why can’t 2000 years of Christianity hold you hyperpreterists to account???  HYPOCRITE!
  7. Why is Jason saying people are using “bully tactics”???  You mean Jason doesn’t think hi-jacking & holding a person’s domain name hostage ISN’T REALLY “bully tactics”????  You THUG!
  8. Why is Jason telling us he deleted videos he former made for the hiphop group???  More 4th grade vindictiveness.
  9. Jason, if ANYONE had ANY respect for you, that should all be gone now — not because what you believe, but for the same reason you were banned in the first place, for the same reason even your fellow hyperpreterists fight with you — you are a THUG!
Now, maybe Sam Frost will step up & be your “pastor” & friend & advise you to do the right thing & sell-back the domain name to those to whom it ethically belongs.  We’ll see.

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