Friday, January 1, 2010

Sam Frost Calls Dave Green A Hyperpreterist

In another classic Frostian gaffe, we see where Sam Frost called his recent book co-author, Dave Green a “hyperpreterist”.
Frost said:
“This must mean that issues of “sin”, “death” and “law”, which some preterists have written off, are “not for today” (along with the Holy Spirit, faith, and preaching the gospel) [< =Todd Dennis quote].  Here, it appears, Dennis [of] is reacting to what we at Reign of Christ Ministries have always called hyper-preterism.  This includes those who see no need for baptism, the Lord’s Table, or church officers.” (
It appears the link goes no where now, since that site is constantly under re-construction (ironic isn’t it?).  Anyhow, Dave Green advocates that there is no more precept for water-baptism or taking the Lord’s Supper (Dave Green — see #106 and #75), so Frost wrote a book with a man he himself considers a hyperpreterist — interesting.

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