Friday, January 1, 2010


After hearing a hyper-preterist YET AGAIN accuse a person of going to “Roderick’s side” or “Roderick’s camp”, I’ve decided to make a 9 minute audio which you can listen to by clicking the link below.

or click the play button to listen here:

But just let me say this: RODERICK EDWARDS HAS NO CAMP.  No one is following Roderick Edwards.  I recall as I left the hyper-preterist movement, people badgering me to tell them “my beliefs”.  What is that???  I don’t want to have “my beliefs” — I want to know and believe what Jesus taught, what the apostles taught, what the community of saints believe.

Anyone who has left hyper-preterism or will be leaving hyper-preterism is NOT coming to Roderick’s “side” or Roderick’s “camp” they will hopefully renounce AND repudiate hyper-preterism (repudiation is important, since it shows the person is not coddling error), and then embrace or re-embrace the historic Christian community and its beliefs as taught by Jesus and taught by the hand-picked apostles.

Hyper-preterists who continue to try to bully people away from leaving hyper-preterism by claiming a person would be going to Roderick’s “side” or Roderick’s “camp” only do so because hyper-preterists have worked so hard to make Roderick Edwards the “anti-preterist” poster-boy.  Well, the hyper-preterists better get used to more and more people leaving the movement and NOT even speaking to Roderick Edwards.  People are beginning to wise up and realize that hyper-preterism is as unChristian as Mormonism.  It is as disconnected from Christianity as is any cult.
And lastly, it is no little thing when people leave hyper-preterism.  It isn’t like people drifting in and out of one denomination to another — hyper-preterism claims it is the pinnacle of “truth”.  If someone leaves hyper-preterism, it is a major, major deal.  Let us pray for them, as it takes real guts to go against such a cult that thrives on making people feel like they have found some long hidden “truth” and a cultic mentality that pretends it is all about “fellowship” and “brotherhood” when in reality it is about the unwavering promotion of the heresy.

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