Friday, January 1, 2010

FoxNews, Rush Limbaugh, Gary DeMar, and Preterist Blog

The tagline for FoxNews has been “We report, you decide”.  FoxNews has presented itself as the media outlet that will report the things the three networks and the other liberal news channels will not.  ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN have long been considered the mouthpieces for liberal political views.  Once FoxNews and media such as Rush Limbaugh came on the scene, the monopoly liberal propaganda was torn down.  Much in the same way, when it comes to reporting on the relevant antics of the hyperpreterism PreteristBlog is one of the few sources where you will get the raw truth.  And in the same way that the liberals get in a huff about FoxNews and Rush so too do the hyperpreterist leaders want to shut down PreteristBlog.
As a matter of fact Obama’s chief of staff has recently said FoxNews is “not a news organization so much as it has a perspective”.  Further, Obama’s senior White House aide said, FoxNews is “not really a news station . . . .other news organizations, ought not to treat them that way, and we’re not going to treat them that way.” (source)

Sound familiar? Yes, hyperpreterist leaders often try to portray PretBlog as not serious, not exegetical, not “scholarly” and further they try to get people to “not treat” us that way. The tactics of hyperpreterism are almost exactly like the liberal playbook.
And after Rush’s recent depiction as a “hater” and a “racist” simply when he attempted to buy the Rams as part of a larger group interest, we can see what liberals do to people, be those liberals in politics or theology.
But who else is reporting on the hyperpreterist movement?  Certainly not men like Gary DeMar from American Vision (ironic the the ACLU also tries to hide under the cover of being “American” when nothing could be further from the truth).  DeMar is credited by hyperpreterists themselves as being perhaps the one man who has lead more of them into the movement than anyone else.  Now, DeMar tries to dodge this by claiming it is not his fault if people go into hyperpreterism through his writings, claiming that isn’t his intentions.  Yet, shouldn’t it concern any theologian if their writings are causing people to conclude heresy?  What if people were becoming Mormons because of DeMar?  At what point does a theologian go back and clarify so that no one will mistake what he is concluding?  DeMar validates hyperpreterism, first by having them on his radio show and never telling his audience they are listening to a hyperpreterist (source)  and secondly when DeMar goes on hyperpreterist podcasts and never addresses the fact that the hosts are heretics (source). Would DeMar do a show with a Mormon, letting the Mormon relate Native Americans as descendants of Jews, and cursed red as if it was legitimate? (source) Then why does DeMar present hyperpreterism as legitimate by having them on his show or appearing on podcasts with them…even if he isn’t talking about eschatology. Does DeMar feed people poison and tell them it isn’t his fault if they become sick?  DeMar’s own son used to openly interact on hyperpreterist websites…until he was called out on it.
So, while people like DeMar blur the lines between heresy and orthodoxy, as if DeMar is the new “Brian McLaren”, we at PretBlog are resolute in presenting the reader with relevant material — sometimes with a humorous, catchy title — either way, we report, you decide.

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