Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Unpreterist 2017

Well 2016 wanes. Fortunately it was an uneventful year for full preterism. Preterism still remains either a jump off point for people exiting historical Christianity or a niche theology that can't get past its own undermining premises; premises that either claim Christians corrupted or misunderstood the Bible for 2000+ years. Yeah, a real good plan there eh God?

I've tried to follow the really only active place for preterists; FACEBOOK.  Do a search on preterism, preterist, fulfilled eschatology and topics like that.  Oddly enough I often get added to groups without requesting and I'll post something FACTUAL about the history of preterist movement or how its logical conclusion is either Israel-Only or some sort of Universalism and then I get kicked off for a bit and then a few months later, re-added, again without requesting.

PRETERISM is for No one or Everyone:

💥The Israel-Only conclusion is that God was working toward saving only the Elect which according to the logic of preterism is only the true sons of Abraham and terminated in AD70. See, it's all about everything being fulfilled and for the audience for whom it was intended. Most "old school" preterists (ie the one's trying to make a living off books or "ministries") don't much like the Israel-Only (IO) folks because if you believe IO, the book sales and need for pastors/preachers/ministers dries up.

💫The Universalism conclusion is that God was working toward saving everyone He intends to save, which apparently is everyone except the meanie Jewish leaders upon whom the "8 Woes" came. In this version of preterism there is no more sin to condemn anyone. The judgment was in the past. In this version you can still make a buck because someone has to teach people they get a free pass.  In all seriousness, when I was a full preterist I used to fight against "preterist universalism" but now I see it as valid IF a person buys into the premises of preterism in the first place.


📭I still interact with people who have friends or family being affected by preterism. Every once in a while I'll get an email asking to talk on the phone with folks. I enjoy it to some degree but it typically results in me steering the person to the realization that unless God intervenes, their friend or family isn't bound to listen to them. You see, preterism is a cult of arrogance and a cult of one. Before you get too far in a discussion with a person on fire for preterism, you will realize they have redefined so many theological terms that it's like trying to talk to a person about football when all they talk about is hoops, baskets, dribbling and free-throws. The end result for most of these preterist friends will be to conclude one of the points above or park somewhere along the way and go no further.


📚I keep saying I want to write a book about preterism. The content on this site alone is enough to fill a book or two but I want to construct the book in a more matter-of-fact manner and be less polemic. This becomes easier as I get further away from some of the more hateful characters within the preterist movement; some which have actually threatened to harm me or my family unless I shut up. Plus many of them have quietly dropped out too. We'll see what 2017 brings.


📌If anyone wants me to write an article about a specific topic or text, just let me know. I try to get back to such requests but sometimes life gets going and all the theoretical end times junk just gets lost in the bustle...I said it that way specifically because many full preterists get lost in preterism and forget to live life.  I guess I'm getting a bit more nonchalant in my old age. 😕


Anonymous said...

Full preterism is not universalism. We have a high priest, his name is Christ Jesus.
He still functions as a High Priest.

So the full preterism has struggled I guess, well, maybe it lacks the real time sensationalism of futurism.

Isaiah 65:17-25 and Isaiah 66:19-24 destroys partial preterism.

John 17:5, Matthew 22:30, and 1 Corinthians 15:50 destroys futurism. Because Christ has returned back to His pre-earth glorious form.

Anonymous said...

There is no IO or Universalism in full preterism. Christ is our High Priest. He still functions as High Priest and mediator today.

This the new COVENANT remember?

Furthermore, God is a Spirit - John 17:5!

Anonymous said...

Let`s not forget the rampant heresies and falling away that occurred during the time of the Apostles. Imagine the church absent of their overwatch?

How do you explain Isaiah 65:17-25, Isaiah 66:19-24, Revelation 22:2,15?

And how do you explain Psalms 72:7,17; 78:69; 89:36-37; 93:1; 96:10; 104:5; 148:4-6; and Ecclesiastes 1:4?